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  1. I bought my first Mosin Nagant a few days ago. It's a 1942 Tula 91/30. I believe. It's in good shape, the stock just has some rough spots and a few places where the finish has been scraped off. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I'm going to try to do that this weekend. :D
    I do have a few questions though: Is there a trick to getting the barrel rings off? I attempted to pull them off and needed a hammer because they fit so tight, and when I tried to get them off they were scraping the finish off! Also, is there a good way to get the bayonet on/off? I got it on once and had to beat it with a hammer to get it off (a hammer is a legitimate tool to work on these guns! The Russians should have issued one with their cleaning kits! Haha!). I don't think I'll need the bayonet to skewer zombies with anytime soon. We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. But you never know... :suspect:
  2. Congrats on your infection.
    Now, the way I take off the rings, is take a screwdriver, shove it under the ring, pressing in the lock, then shove the ring towards the muzzle. Bayonets have a lock on them that has to be pushed in then you can twist it, but this can still be tight, because they were only removed for storage, traveling in a vehicle and cleaning.

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    Bayonets are notoriously difficult on 91/30s. You might have to ream the bayonet out a little bit with a dremel or sandpaper somehow so it will slide on a bit better. They are a pain to get off sometimes.

    As for the barrel bands, sometimes those are on tight. You can use a screwdriver to get them started if you're having problems. Sometimes you might need a clamp to hold down the retaining spring. Sometimes they will scrape the shellac a bit, but that's only because they are tighter than they should be. You can also remove the cleaning rod and pry with a screwdriver in the cleaning rod channel, or wedge a screwdriver or a pair of needle nosed pliers and spread the barrel band more.
  4. Channel lock pliers work well on the bayonet, use a good thick rag so you dont scratch up your gun though, push the release button and ust the pliers with the rag to get a good grip on it and twist as needed. The screwdriver method , flathead of course works great ^ on the barrel bands, if you refinish your rifle , before sliding them back on use a little liquid dish soap or vaseline , swipe the inside of the band with it and it should slide a little easier, and rub a little on the surface of the gun ahead of the band as your sliding it on. Congratulations on your rifle, make sure you look around in here at gun and game forums for the proper ways to clean your gun before and after firing.

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    Oddly enough, my bayonet comes of very easy. Well, mine seems harder, mostly because I think it should be harder then it is so I keep pressing in the spring.But then I twist and it comes right off.
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    Congrats on the new rifle. I remember my first Mosin, then my second and third. I still haven't got my bayonet to actually go on my 91/30, it won't slide all the way on. Need to try the dremel trick.
  7. Congrats on being bitten by the Mosinitis bug. I purchased my #3 yesterday. How could I resist? It was $97 total price including tax. It is a 1937 Tula 91/30. I spent the afternoon swabbing the copper fouling out of the bore and will probably go to the range Tuesday.

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    Something else you may want to do to get your barrel bands off is to take a little bit of automotive fluid grease (the silicon grease mechanics use in grease guns - you can get it at any auto parts shop)and rub it on the wood on the muzzle side of the ring. This will let you slip it forward without gouging the finish. All you need is about a quarter inch width of grease.
  9. Thank you everyone for all the help! I FINALLY got the barrel bands off. I was able to wedge a screwdriver in and widen the bands enough for them to slip off. Then, a piece of wood to keep them widened so it would be easier to get them back on. Again, thanks for the help!
    I'm refinishing the stock in a red mahogany color (the stain isn't completely dry yet, but it already looks great!). I'll post pictures of her as soon as I'm finished, which should be a few days from now.

    Correction: it was made in the Izhevsk factory (not Tula, as previously stated by yours truly). I'm not sure which factory make is better, but I've heard that you can't go wrong with a mosin!
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    Most people want Tulas because they didn't make as many, causing them to command a little bit better selling price. I don't know that one is actually any better than the other.
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    Yup I just did mine in Red Mohagany about 2 weeks ago LOOKS GREAT good color choice!
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    here is my 42 Tula refinished by me best shooting mosin i own other than my M39 with NO import marks:p
    Then here are some Before pictures so you can see what i was dealing with

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    Alrite patton now the fun begins, hope it fuel a wonderful hobby-sport-!! :approve:
    Oh yea! fine job there Link and lovely TALL rifling my favorite :D