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    Ok, I'd like to know how Nagants perform particularly in the way of accuracy. My idea would be to use a sporterized Nagant on PA whitetail. Main questions are:
    What kind of MOA can they give?
    How easy and effective is it to use scopes?
    Is there a distinct difference between the performance of different models, particularly any advantages of the Remington version?
    And I've seen a variety of ballistics for the round, but what ballistics would I get from a round safely loaded for the Nagant, or does that depend on the model too?

    And what about reloading?
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    Funny you should ask..I was at the range today and took my black powder and Mosin 1891 out too play at the 100 yard line. Cant help with the hunting part but for ME I have noticed that the very long 1891 or inch or two shorter 91/30 shoot the best for me. I am able to get 2-3" groups on a good day (when I try and dont play around) at 100 yds with these two rifles. The recoil and muzzle blast is minamil (for this size cartrige) and follow up shoots are fairly quick.
    With my M44 I get about 3-4" groups at 50 yards (Longest I shoot this modle as I usaly use the plinking range with the kids and wifee poo) The recoil and muzzle blast are pretty good. I think part of my group size is that I kinda like the fireball and muzzle blast so Im looking for it and not focaseing on the target...seems like the M44 would startle the deer but I dont hunt so dont realy know.
    Scope mounts seem too be a love hate thing according to the post Ive read. For the M44 there is a scout mount that replaces the rear sight and uses a pistol scope (Very long eye relief) for the others they sell these kits that you cut the bolt handle and bolt a bent one on...pluss some other minor gunsmithing. I never tried any of them as they seem like more hassle that I need for plinking. If you have a smith install one then of course the $$ goes up.
    For ammo I believe winchester or remington make a hunting type factory load or of course you can hand load. It is my understanding that the 7.62x54R is between a 308 and 30-06 in terms of preformance (also how short the barrel is as well Im sure) so should do good for a deer gun.
    I would recoend that you take your rifle out to the range and give it a to rember that these are old rifles adn each has its own history of care orr neglect..bore condition...ect can play a part..Ive seen some messed up bores shoot great and some not so great.
    Hope this helps.

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    That is one beautiful rifle. I myself would prefer to use the longest barrel possible. The ATI synth stock looks nice to me. Centerfire has sporterized M44s for $80, but the barrel is too short.
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    Synthetic stocks? Fancy ammo?

    Yer jus gonna spoil them kids! Im tellin ya, yer jus gonna spoil'em!
  5. My 91/59 shoot's great! i've gone 50rds. for 50rds. on a large gong at 300yds. it's one of my favorite rifles, here's a pic.

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    For hunting my ONLY beef with the M-N is the lack of an easily operated safety. If you are going with others, this might be an issue. You CAN make the rifle "safe" by pulling and twisting on the bolt, but not the ellegant solution. Hunting is about the only time that I use a safety. Make sure that you use good quality COMMERCIAL expanding bullets!
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    hey battlerifle,in my humble opinion,the m-39 is the most accurate of all the mosins and has(i think) a 26" barrel that will allow for full velocity of whatever ammo you will be using.considering that the viet cong used the 91/30 (snipers,of course)at ranges up to 1000 meters in viet nam,a pa. whitetail should be light work for just about any also have quite a variety of ammo to choose from so you can "tune" the gun to your intended use. if you want to scope it,brownell's has a mount that is similar to the original sniper mount .i would stay away from the ati mount as you have to butcher the bolt and i have had several guys tell me that the bolt handle screw is prone to stripping.of course you could also use the russian mount like inter-ordnance's put-together "snipers". happy huntin'
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