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Nagant Pistol

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Well I went an did it again
Bought a Nagant Pistol and looking for a .32 acp cylinder for it
Anybody know about those
I remember them being discussed last year but I cant remember what was said
As I get older I have this problem alot more
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I've tried 32 S&W long, shoots ok. Stay with UNJACKETED, PLAIN LEAD bullets, as the bullet is slightly over size. I haven't shot any H&R, but have seen it done. Same story. I shoot only Nagant ammo, now. Only shot a few rounds of 32. One thing I found about these pistols is that they are really easy to clean because of the gas seal feature. Only the bore needs cleaning. But if you shoot the 32, there is some leading at cylinder face and top strap. I found some Fiocchi ammo at a gun show, and reloading dies from RCBS. So I shoot the Nagant ammo.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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