Name something useful to do with Panda Express chopsticks?

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  1. Name something useful to do with Panda Express chopsticks?

    here is one tip for gun owners/DIY gunsmiths to knock out roll pins/takedown pins, you need a little hammer too

    two wooden punches made from some old souvenir Panda Express chopsticks sitting on my kitchen table for over a year which I rounded and tapered the tips with my Swiss army knife and just committed to my gunsmithing toolbox, brass can still wear off bluing on pin ends and heads and leave a golden-color residue
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  2. animalspooker

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    Stab a Liberal in each eye?
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  3. rando

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    Good kindling wood to start a fire.
  4. FortyXDM

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    Regardless of future replies.......this is confirmed as the absolute best reply.
  5. mitchr

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    I've found that the wooden skewers, most keep in the kitchen, come in handy also.
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  6. 410dude

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    suppository for trump
  7. grizcty

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    ???? o_O
  8. 410dude

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    Well, someone wanted to use them to stab people in the eyes, so ?
  9. Even better than saving the finish on your guns during disassembly/reassembly? Well, perhaps yes, the Liberals might take your guns and the Leftists certainly will. Better to have guns with finish mars than no guns at all.
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  10. Won't your gun rights be even less threatened under Trump than under Joe?

    NeverJoe, I mean 'No Mo Joe', Keep Ol' Badhairdude in Nov. 2020
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  11. chesterwin

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    You apparently haven't tried it, or it just doesn't work.
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  12. I don't keep wooden skewers in my kitchen. I guess I ain't most.
  13. 410dude

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    I have 3 choices
    1. Not Vote
    2. Vote for a 3rd party
    3. Vote for Biden.
  14. mitchr

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    First 2 are votes for biden.
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  15. 410dude

    410dude G&G Evangelist

    Republicans' should have gave me a better option.
  16. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist


    I can think of multiple better options than biden, starting with satan. There was a time, years ago, when I would vote across party lines, based on a candidate's integrity & love of country. Haven't seen any democrats worthy of my vote in too many years to remember, although I've had to hold my nose to vote republican.
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  17. back to the OP...
    They're great for pinning long hair up when I've forgotten my hair clips. :D
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  18. 410dude

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    I think trump falls closer to Satan then Biden does. I see no integrity in trump. But my dislike of trump goes back long before he ran for president.
  19. PaleHawkDown

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    You forgot one, chief. I assure you there is not only another choice, but one that is provably, mathematically better than Biden...unless you like a warmongering, rapist, pedophilic, corrupt, pro-abortion, anti-Constitution, demented, pants-crapping, violent Democrat with children so reflective of himself that one is looking at charges for international sex trafficking.This dudewho chose, as his running mate, a hypocritical, whorish, pro-abortion, pro-slavery, anti-black racist who was proudly South-Asian in every speech until it suddenly became politically beneficial to be black.

    If you are not voting for Trump because of some misplaced sense of morality I would not blame you for voting Libertarian. They've got the best ticket right now they ever have.

    If you vote for Biden, then you are just as senile, insane, and morally corrupt as he and his running mate are.
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  20. 410dude

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    Seems you can't handle someone disagreeing with you, and you resort to false claims, deflecting the subject and name calling. Yet you use the term "sense of morality"