Name something useful to do with Panda Express chopsticks?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by d_p_holland, Sep 25, 2020.

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    "Seems you can't handle someone disagreeing with you and you resort to name calling.

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    We don't have a Panda Express around here, that I know of. But we do get free chopsticks from time to time.

    So, I had decided a few years back to actually learn to use them to eat with. Doing that has had some useful benefits.
    For instance: when I bring leftovers for lunch at work and I have forgotten my fork, I simply get 2 welding rods from the rod oven and I'm good to go.
    Or, if I'm backpack camping, and I've broken or lost my spork (hey, it happens), I can go to the nearest tree and whittle out a pair of chopsticks in a jiffy.

    And then another practical side of learning to use chopsticks - You know when you drop a screw down into a tight place and can't reach it? Well, with chopsticks you can reach down in there and ...bump it further down and out of sight. Problem solved since you can't see it so you just forget about it.

    And finally, just stick the small ends into a pencil sharpener and then you can at least spear your food when you can't keep your chopstocks from snapping sideways.

    So, save your chopsticks and practice up a bit.
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    I never called you any names.
    Simply posted a picture of a snowflake...

    But, with that said.
    Any gun owner willing to vote for a rabid ANTI gunner like Biden, has drank the liberal Kool Aid.

    Just saying...

    Democrat Kool Aid.jpg
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  5. 410dude, we get it! you are a liberal! how damned hard is that to see/read? WE ARE NOT LIBERAL! Got it? Your voice is like not gonna convince...ya wanna know why? Because we can see through the liberal it ?
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  6. From chops sticks to BS....
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  7. I've got round pointy and square reusable sets. Every once in a while I'll drive Hubby nuts by using them.

    And you're right, they're great for pushing small bits out of places you can't reach.
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    No case claims by PHD, just facts you can’t handle and chose to ignore.
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    woo hoo we got a village idiot.
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    My parents were democrats in the 1940's through 1970's when I was growing up. This is my take on what I have observed over many years.
    When you are raised a democrat by two hard core democrats here is what happens: The party takes a "radical" turn. That is, most democrats that I knew in the 60, 70s, and 80's were for the most part influenced by labor. The party leaders of the Dem Party became radical with many leaning to pure socialism, and the average democrat had to follow the radicals and defend their stance, or change. (as many of them did) Those same people could still see what was said and what was happening as they grew up and this for many forced a real dilemma. This caused a tremendous amount of angst which came out as cognitive dissonance.
    Cognitve Dissonance.jpg
    I have heard hundreds of times the phrase "No I refuse to watch that news channel.....they are shills". When confronted directly with questions...they remember enough of the party line to answer with hatred toward Trump and by proxy...all Republicans and little else.
    The Leaders of the Democrat party over the last couple of years have been.....
    Pelosi ... AOC ... Schumer ... Sanders ... Schiff ... Hillary ... Feinstein ... Harris ... Nadler... and a few others.
    From the ENTIRE Leadership they weaned it down to JOE BIDEN. A guy who is losing it fast as averyone has observed since the day he announced. THIS guy was the BEST they came up with.
    He has been caught lying and bumbling since he entered politics and yet he is the BEST they could run. Joe has been in politics for 33 years and can't name anything that he has actually done for the American People other than vote for every single tax increase bill that came before him.
    Sadly we see retreads of democrats come back to this site with the same old tired stuff. One question to those folks..... "IF, you had an interest and and a hobby that went directly against the very reason for a site to exist....would you join that site if you knew everyone there thought you a clown ?
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    Been a Union Member for over 45 years and saw thru the Democrat BS. My whole family was, were, and are Blue collar. But we are not sheep. Last Democrat anyone in our family voted for was J.F. Kennedy. The economy had never been better for Union members since Trump took office. And he can't be bullied.
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    I usually use them to eat Panda Express!
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    That's unfair to village idiots.
    In medieval Europe a village idiot was considered a blessing. They were called God's Fools, after a passage in 1 Corinthians, telling people that the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God, and one in Matthew 18 telling people to see the world through the eyes of children.

    I don't consider this dude a blessing.
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    I thru yours see
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    This would be me trying to use Chop Sticks.

  16. Who speaks like that?:confused:

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    Well, I was playing with the dog, LOL

    But I'm a moderate, not liberal or right wing. I usually call myself a liberal redneck. Depending on the issue, I can make both sides mad, or happy.
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    Use them to feed the Beavers in a nearby creek.:D
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  19. 4. Vote for Trump: you have to do that to beat Joe
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  20. so far Trump hasn't grabbed any of my guns

    the covid stimulus check actually paid for my new Colt King Cobra entirely and 2/3 of my new Ruger American Predator (or 3/5 of my new Super Nova) !!
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