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    Ok this is way off the wall for this board...I live in Cocoa near NASA and as such NASA is a huge influence on my counties economy.. Our local media keep harping on how great and wounderfull NASA is and why it needs more $$.....understandably since if they shut down the cape you could by Brevard County for about a dollar and some change... I kinda believe that people out side this area could care less about NASA and its funding...because no direct here is the question for you folks who live outside of the area...what do you think about NASA...their budget ect.? Should it be shut down and the $$ spent on other things?

    Thanks all. :spaceship
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    At the rate we are destroying this planet, We better dump all kinds of $$$$$$ into nasa to find us a new place to live.
    Hay maybe they can find a planet full of those sexy green broads from star treck. If captin cirk did one they can't be all bad, HA HA HA.

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    I really think we should see what's beyond our own little planet.
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    I think NASA and NOAA both are worthwile organizations that have and will continue benefiting us. I do not think we are "destroying the planet", as colt45 puts it, but I think we must continue to explore space, as well as the Earth. In a few years, the Europa probes will be launched, and then we will probably get clear proof of life outside of Earth. For those of you weak on astronomy, Europa is one of Jupiter's 4 planet sized moons. Europa is covered in an ocean of liquid water, with a reletively thin ice crust. Like everything else near Jupiter, it is rich in organic compounds. Europa has an atmosphere containing CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, and water vapor. Tidal forces from Jupiter keep it warm with geothermal energy. From what we know of Europa so far, mostly with Galleileo data, many lifeforms from Earth could live there as is. The interesting thing is that Arthur C. Clarke pegged Europa as having life almost 40 years ago, and described the surface surprisingly well.
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    I used to live in Texas and some day hope to returne its one of the few places we haven't dumped all kinds of toxins into the ground and poluted the ground water. it may not look that bad in There in the great lone star state but thing are not good int populated parts of NY.
    The third world and even our neighbor to the north are just as bad off as we are is some areas. I'm not a tree huger but I'm not blind to the efects we are haveing on our environment either. Not saying you are. I'll just agree to disagree with you on this one.
    had no idea you where such an astonamer though, Good call I like it too. Lets hope ET phones home with some good news.
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    We've benefited a lot from NASA's pursuit of space

    Good question Doglips.

    I believe that the money spent on "NASA" and it's pursuit of space has had lots of benefits to Americans.

    To name a few:

    High tech materials able to withstand extreme temperatures have been developed.

    The ability to monitor troop movement and military equipment movement of unfriendly countries.

    Certain condensed foods have been developed for use under unusual conditions.

    The common use of computer technology by the masses of Americans and other people around the world was probably partially speeded up because of outer space technology needs.

    I think the list could go on and on but I'll stop for now.

    This is about like asking if the development of automobiles was affected by the technology required for the racing industry. There's not any doubt about the side benefits created there either.

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    That is kind of funny, considering that the environmental Whackos have spent years trying to convince everyone that Houston was the most polluted city in the country. I live right outside of Houston, and drive into Houston about every day. Houston did not, and does not, have a smog problem, though it has the highest concentration of chemical plants and refineries in the country. I expect the toxins you referred to in NY are probably heavy metals, mostly left over from the early days of the industrial age. Companies that violate environmental laws should be hunted down and severely dealt with. But having the EPA come up with id10tic laws to hassle people who are not polluting is not the answer. I have been to 46 of the 50 states, and I think our environment , on the whole is in good shape.
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    My roommate was not allowed to get copies of his X-rays. Why? Because the material they're printed on is not biodegradable. So, by grand edict of the EPA, he can't keep his own X-rays because he might throw them away and they wouldn't decompose.

  9. The US space program has spun off more technology that benefits mankind than any other activity besides war. Therefore, as a tax-funded program, I'm all for it, unlike 98% of all other budget items.

    Colt 45, I think you need to change your reading habits. We are not destroying the planet. Here's a curious statistic for you: Mt. Pinitubo dumped 160 times more pollution into the atmosphere in 24 hours than all of mankind has since the beginning of time. And we're talking some really dangerous stuff here, like cyanide gas and sulphuric acid. I think it is the height of arrogance to think that an organism who controls only 0.000000001% of the mass of the planet can actually destroy that planet. But then, if everyone understood that, what would we do with all that government research grant money?
  10. I'm a big fan of NASA and I get a lot of crap from people saying how much it costs and the money would be better spent on other things. I dont believe that. Like people said, there are so many things in our lives that are because of NASA and we just take them for granted. Even the velcro we use on some holsters and gun cases are here because of NASA. Just think of where the human race would be if we never explored anything new. I am an amature star gazer and have my own telescope and I'm sure that there is other life out there. Maybe when we find it it will shut the non-believers. Hmmm wonder if the telescope would fit my 91/30?
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    maybe your right on the reading material most of the enviro. stuff comes from the reserch hospital my girl friend works at shes always bringing it home. Who's to say, I know that the national news the other day reported that our county is rated a haveing one of the worst air polution problems in the stae. funny we have almost the lowest rateing for industry though. The grant money could be used to give us ground breaking studies like the one I saw about two months ago that said after four years of clinical trials and studies that it was found that milk is good for you. DUH like mother nature didn't figure that one out since the first mamals walked the earth.
  12. Let me see, If the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old the human race has done fairly well. But if the earth is 50 million years old than we haven't gotten very far, have we? As far as other intelligent life forms out there---that's pretty dillusional isn't it.
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