NASCAR time trials start today.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Oxford

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    Hey guys I'm feeling lucky to be going to the new Kansas Speedway for the NASCAR time trials today. Should be interesting.

    This is the second year for this nearly new track to be used. There ought to be plenty of excitement. Guess I may need my deer hunting ear plugs because the engine roar is about as loud as most guns.

    And you thought all the tracks were in the SE part of the USA. This track is located along the northeastern border of Kansas in Wyandotte County which is near Kansas City, Kansas.

    Oxford:nod: :nod: :D

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    GO JEFF GORDON...#24! :guitar: :guitar: :cheer:

  3. Oxford

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    Just got back. Fastest Busch Series time of the day when I left was 175. No wrecks. Plenty of noise. Jeff Gordon's sales trailer was parked among dozens of other sales trailers with plenty of overpriced products to buy.

    I had no problem because I've got lots of buying resistance. Most things I can live without. (ha) Got to talk with Jennifer Cobb next to her car and brought home a signed poster of hers.

    Now for the races starting tomorrow...

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    Yeah, ain't nothing like getting skinned on a $50 t- shirt....they can keep them, no matter who it is!
  5. Oxford

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    130+/- decibels

    On another thread on g&g there's talk about hearing protection. Well that's really needed at these NASCAR races, too. My ears are still ringing from the blasts of those unmuffled engines. Next time I'll try to remember to take my ear plugs.

    Tomorrow, with all twenty+ cars racing at one time, the noise level will increase accordingly. During today's time trials cars were spaced out somewhat evenly so there was a steady rise and fall in volume as cars tried to increase their lap times.

    My guess was that the decibel level got up to around 130+/-.