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    OK this is only my view here so take it for what it's worth.
    We have all this new PC stuff in schools and the new gentler approach with discipline in this country toward our kids. with all the child protection agencies and teacher intervention and all.
    Now heres where I'm going with this.
    before all this crap we (the readers and non readers ) mainly I would Guess 25 to 65 had none of this stuff when we where kids and from what I remember we never had school shootings and mass shootings by kids toward kids. we as youth where pretty rowdy but for the most part respected the rules of society and our elders, we didn't go whining to the teacher because we lost at tag or go running to police every time some one pointed a finger at you and said bang.
    I my uneducated opinion on changing society as a whole I would say we failed miserably If the aim was to make us more friendly toward each other and make things less stress full on our youth it's not working. mass killings, school shootings, hate crimes up to almost the level they where in the 60's and our kids afraid to go to school, not because they didn't study for the math test or the bully wants their lunch money or even the blond sitting in home room showed your note to all her friends, But because they are afraid of being shoot or killed.
    I have ranted enough so I close with my view. we have done away with discipline and order to make everyone feel better and as a result have made things worse. You can't have discipline and order and build self esteem with out some ones feeling getting hurt. so deal with it thats what makes us stronger not some mamby pamby PC bull.
    Maybe I'm all together wrong in my thinking if so I'm sure this is the place that will tell me.
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    I agree, Colt45. Dr. Spock and his permissiveness ruined a whole generation of kids. Nike with their "just do it!" ads make the kids think it's okay to do what ever they want to. Society doesn't punish them, so it seems okay. If they screw up in school, it's a simple vacation. No punishment. Competitive games are no longer good. It might harm the losers "self esteem" later in life.
    My personal opinion on trouble at the colleges is that the kids are getting exposed to the world for the first time, and don't know how to deal with it. They were too protected earlier, and didn't learn their "society survival skills".
    When I grew up, I had the family guns and ammo in my bedroom, as early as ten years old. I never had the urge to take one to school, I knew better. From hunting with Dad, I knew what those guns could do. I learned to respect them. I cringe inwardly every time I see a young person at the range, emulating their boob-tube heroes (holding the pistol sideways, spraying&praying, etc.), I know this kid has no clue.
    Education is the key, but it can't be used these days - not politically correct!

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    I'm with you guys, it all comes down to lack of disipline. If you are never punished for wrongdoings just because you are a "child" how are you ever gonna learn the social skills to fit into society. Most of the kids doing the shootings in the schools are described as loners or outcasts , or just weird.I had my share of problems in school(Being an Army brat & changing schools often)but never once did I even consider taking a gun to school, and they were available in my house.If I screwed up I didnt do it but ONE time, my dad saw to that. Nowadays what would be known as abuse, was just good old disipline back then.So much for being PC. Just my 2 cts worh
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    I heard a show on the radio today with that Limbaugh guy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in tag aren't you supposed to stay AWAY from the guy who is "it"? Rush had this weird Idea that you WANT to become it and the other people would want to tag you so they can become "it". Am I crazy, or is he Bass-Ackwards again?
  5. I think Limbaugh is backwards on that. This is a true story about how sheltered the kids today are. The teachers want to keep them in peaceful world. My niece who graduated high school 2 years ago was telling me about learning about the war in history class. I asked if it was about world war ll. She looked at me and asked what that was!!! I was shocked. That class never learned a thing about WWll because it was to violent. They learned the political reasons that caused Vietnam. I dont think kids really understand the concept of death. In the movies or TV the good guy shoots the bad guy and all of the problems are gone. Maybe the kids think the same thing. Let the kids play rough games. I had a teacher once that would make us put on boxing gloves and take us to the gym to settle our differences. A teacher would get 20 years in jail for that today.
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    Finally a group of people who can agree that discipline works and is not a bad thing. Used properly it can keep the kids on the right track and off the wrong one. I know one of these days when its my turn with kids I have a #1 rule in this house No Rap (can't say music because it isn't)
  7. Right on Klaus I was listening to his show earlier.
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    The do-gooders will tell you that all of these things are being done with good intentions, but some of the worst things have been done with good intentions. They see a problem such as drinking and driving, or child abuse, or school violence, all which are problems, and they go overboard. They know there is a problem but don't quite know how to fix it so they don't address the actual problem.

    This is why the spankings that many of us got and deserved as children, are now called abuse. This is why kids coming to school with Tweety Bird key chains are expelled, because a chain is considered a weapon. It's why you why "you can't play tag because some kid may get his feelings hurt", It's absolutely ridiculous!
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    BTW, I am not really a Rush basher. I agree with most of his political views, but he does say stupid things every now and then when he gets on different subjects. I used to be a big fan, but he lost me with the Elian Gonzales thing, where he kept insulting his audience.
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    Here's a great example. 17 yo daughter decided to take an advanced biology class at school. I advised her that the course would be harder and more demanding than anything she'd ever experienced before. She said she wanted to try it anyways, because she was thinking that she wanted to become a veterinarian. Admiring her drive, I consented. Her first semester was as expected; a struggle to get a C grade. In her third quarter, she was failing the material, and I told her she was going to have to work very hard to pass the class. To my astonishment, she informed me that her teacher and school counselor both told her that if she got an F, it was no big deal because she would be able to explain the circumstances to any college or financial aid program and that would make it all better. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A brief argument ensued, as I was not convinced. The bottom line is she accepted that guidance and thus did not put the effort into the final quarter, and failed the semester. She's still convinced that she'll somehow have the opportunity to say something that would convince others she didn't deserve the F. The trouble is, she's not a failing student, she was just in over her head, and if she'd listened the first time, she would've realized that she wasn't prepared for that.

    One benefit, now that she realizes how hard the veterinary degree is gonna be, she's decided instead to pursue a criminal justice degree. She's got the athletic prowess to excel, and the curriculum is definitely more in line with her current level of academic proficiency. We'll see how her psychological profile holds up.
  11. BenP-- I wish your daughter well with her endeavors. I have a son who dosen't listen to me either, I love him dearly, but he has to make his own mistakes to gain the wisdom needed for survival in this day and age.
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    Rush is kind of like this site, entertainment. gotta do your own thinki'n, raise your own kids. Nuff said.
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    As a former Financial Aid Officer in a college the grades won't hack it to a grant or scholarship but she will be plenty open to loans. I would give her a full time job BenP make her issue 1000 letters for scholarships between now and graduation. She can learn from it she will get turned down for all but 30 which is 30K in tuition money