National CMP day - Sept 11

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    There were loads of TV coverage of the 1st anniv. and rite-fully so. My opinion differs though from some of the media. I feel Instead of making another memorial day to honor those lost in USA's first battle on terrorism (civilian, municipal or military) We should make it National CMP day or National Range day. Lets face facts, it was a vary rude awakening to the threat of terrorism on our own shore, to civilians. With in the founding vision of the CMP, we civilians should be prepaired if called upon by our federal goverment. Isn't that one of the many reasons we own firearms. I think the goal of the day would be to take a new person to the range and let him know what it is about. Let them see most in our community handle our weapons safely and the good will at the ranges. The media has had a free hand painting a pretty bleak profile of us. Time to turn that around. OK Off my soap box...:D

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    Sounds good to me...lets rock! :assult: :target: