National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies

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    Thanks for the heads up! I always try to keep up on who does't agree with our way of life and boycott them accordingly.

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    I was surprised by some of the individuals listed, especially that they were on HCI's committee. I had expected better of certain older men, but they are a part of the "Hollywood Elite", after all.

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  3. Man there are more anti-gun people than people who own guns. Thanks for the site.
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    Thanks Colt .45. I like to keep up with that list of anti-Americans. It helps me decide where to spend my little dollars.
  5. i was rather surprised to see Sylvester Stalone on the anti-gunner list, geez it's a bad day when even "Rambo" is anti-gun:nod:
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    Just wanted to add something for you guys to think about: I have talked to a gunsmith who has personally worked on handguns for both Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. He told me these guys are SERIOUS gun nuts and apparently don't share the same views on gun control as their father Martin Sheen. It also is a sham that most of the actors on the list have made SERIOUS money starring in movies in which firearms are used. I can remember Drew Barrymore starring in the movie Gun Crazy. She shoots a S&W 686 6" throughout the movie. ET or some nightly show did an interview with her about her role in that movie a while back. She claimed to LOVE shooting the 686 and proceeded to (on the set with live rounds) shoot 5 drink cans off a fence at 20 yds.


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    Well we all know there are actors on our side out there Tom Selleck and and I also believe Bruce Willis and Bo Derrick are some of the big supporters in that part of the country that own and shoot regularly.
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    I was really surprised,,,,,,,,, but it figures,,,,,, that's why my wife and I only make one check out each year for donations and that's
    a very good gift to the Salvation Army...... thanks for sharing.
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    Don't get too coszy there E-9.
    I have seen the salvation Army at allot of anti gun rallys.
    They are not a public supporter but if you ever listen to any of thier demestic abuse counseling you'll catch the anti gun overtones in thier speaches.
    this is one printed up and sent to all the SA. not just one or two counsellers.
    They are a good and needed orginization and for the most part help in many ways. but allways look for the not so noticable in any charity. 9 out of 10 are anti gun. they just don't addmit it publicly for feer of loosing $ from donaters that are pro gun.