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  1. PDM

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    Does anyone make the nato 7.62 x 51 in a soft point? What is the headspace differance in .308 win. and the nato round? Thanks
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    There is no difference in the .308 and the 7.62x51 round. They are just two different designations for the americans and the europeans. much like the
    9mm luger/9mm parabellum/9x19/M9/9mm auto (all same round)
    NATO restricts any and all rounds used in combat to be FMJ ONLY you cannot have HP or SP rounds as they have been deemed inhumane. So if you do see a round advertised as NATO SP or HP they are lying to you. Also watch out for berdan rounds that were produced in the pre-70's some are corrosive. NOT ALL BERDAN ROUNDS ARE CORROSIVE! And corrosive rounds are okay to shoot as long as you clean your gun after you shoot. I use Windex, it's worked fine for years and I've never had a spot of rust show up, others have their special cleaners. If you can't find what you need, give me a shout and I point you in the right direction.

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    Ok, now I've read that you do not shoot .308 win. through a cetme that is intended to just shoot nato ammo. Is this a pressure issue?:confused:confused:
  4. Mr (T)

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    I've read some articles about this issue, and the differences seem to fall into these categories:

    1. Thickness Of The Brass-762 NATO brass is thicker; that's why reloaders are always looking for Lake City Brass, which is NATO spec thickness. SAAMI spec brass is thinner, because commercial chamber dimensions are a little tighter, and will squeeze the brass to contain the pressure.

    2. Chamber Specifications-NATO barrel chambers are longer, to accommodate any variations in cartridge length from various manufacturers(which almost never happens with military contractors, yet variations abound in commercial brass), and for continued rifle function in dirty conditions(mud, dirt, snow, etc.)

    Because there are dimensional differences between NATO and commercial 308 chambers, be careful when using this SAAMI spec brass in a military-chamber-rifle because the extra headspace will strech commercial brass, sometimes with ill results.

    Dimensionally, I believe the two cartridges are the same, just that the brass is thicker for 762 NATO. Fulton Armory has a good article on their website addressing this question. Hope this helps!

    PS-Last week I picked up ejected brass that came from an HK-91; the fluted chamber pushed the case neck into an octagonal shape, and I'd seriously consider not using commercial brass or reloads on a rifle of this type.
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    The 7.62 x 51mm is different, not in dimensions, but pressure. The other posts are correct too. The brass is thicker, the military primers harder, and the rifle gas systems are different. A standard commercial 308win should not be fired in a military weapon designed for a 7.62 NATO. In the CETME rifle, pressures around the 30-30 Win range is good. Hornady has a section on the 7.62 x 51mm in their reloading manual. Please take note in order to be safe.
  6. WyrTwister

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    I had a case head seperation with one of my reloaded commercial .308 brass . None with berdan mil-surp .

    Commercial brass is softer & the CETME / H&K is very rough on brass .

    God Bless
  7. Mr (T)

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    Even with the fluted chamber, you still had a case head separation? Yikes! Did the case stay in the chamber?
  8. WyrTwister

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    It seems to me , the fluted chamber makes it rougher on the brass , not genrler .

    Yes , part of the brass stayed in the chamber . With the rifle throwing brass into the next county , did not realize what happened till the next round did not fully chamber .

    Friend had a .30 cal bore brush , ranit into the chamber & bulled the piece of brass out with the bore brush .

    I recomend you all get the $ 10 Swiss .30 cal cleaning kit to take to the range with you .

    God Bless