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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Zenon, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Zenon

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    I see NATO surplus 9mm available from various sources. Any reports in terms of performance, accuracy, quality, etc? I have heard it is a little hotter than standard 9mm. Looks like most of what is available is 1980's vintage.
  2. jarcp

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    Best thig I can tell you about NATO loads is, watch out for corossive ammo, and watch out for steel cored rounds. Steel is neat, but in handgun bullets you might be violating your local laws on the famed "cop killer" bullets.

  3. Mike southers

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    Some surplus 9mm is for loosely fitted submachineguns. Stay away from it! A good 9mm pistol may self destruct on subgun ammo.
  4. FEG

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    It's a false economy. You actually LOSE money, because of things like berdan primers (useless brass), occaisional "semi-corrosive" primers (more $ on cleaning), etc.

    More importantly, NATO spec. is higher pressure than SAAMI specs. (I am not sure about CIP spec.) NATO is considered +P+. There is no official SAAMI +P+ designation, so it is difficult to determine whether a particular pistol can handle the ammo without risking a real battering during testing. The subgun 9mm is HOT! I wouldn't shoot in it even a 9mm revolver (too rare to risk!).

    Some people have reported decent results with the Norma mil surp. in European guns. Comercial production Norma is exceptionally high quality ammo, so it may be worth the risk (I know I've been considering it for my CZs).
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    I'm not sure about the ammo but here is what I know. I work at a demilitarization facility on an Army depot. The 9mm Berettas require a slide and barrel change after 200 rounds. I didn't think to ask why but maybe it is because of the hot ammo spoken about in the above posts. I did notice that the slides were marked +P. I'll ask around the shop and see if I can get an answer.