natural barbed wire

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  1. blue fox

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    I got to thinking the other day about this while driving down the highway. What to use as natural barbed wire? If you live where you can grow blackberry or rasberry bushes, how about putting them around the edges of your property? If grown thick enough, like a hedge, I think they would work like a fnece. Most people on foot avoid going thru the stuff even to pick berries so you could use them to control access. I know they won't stop vehicles but foot traffic could be "guided" to choke points and selected fire lanes. If we look at the trouble that our troops had in WW2 with hedgerows until they found a way to break thru them it is the same principle i suspect. As a side note you could also harvest the berries for food supplies. Rose bushes might also work in this idea. However the berry bushes would attract birds that might work as a natural alarm system. Just an off the wall idea. Feel free to offer thoughts or suggestions as to whether it would work or not.

  2. blue fox

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    Yeah, those crossed my mind also. like thorn apple trees and such. Basically anything that would impede the progress of foot traffic and kind of direct them where YOU wanted them
  3. DWFan

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    The berries will attract all kinds of game animals, not just birds.
  4. blue fox

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    Had not thought that far but yeah that would work too
  5. olcop

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    Natural barb wire

    Our state flower,The Cherokee Rose is a great plant for this purpose, grows very fast and has sharp thorns that seem to reach out and grab you when you are mowing, beautiful flowers too
  6. larmus

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    cactus work really good as well

    barrell cactus for low to the ground.
    ocotilla for tall stuff and fencing when they die out
    agave and century plants work well
  7. grizcty

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    Berries = Bears in Alaska!

    Back in Georgia, we had a non native insane plant, called kudzu.
    Tough as nails, and hard to kill.
    If you watched it long enough.
    You could, actually see it grow.
  8. waterdog

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    Spanish bayonets grown in Florida work like a charm.
  9. PAPA G

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    the kudzu would be good for concealment. i have seen areas in Kentucky that looks like God dropped a big green blanket over everything. trees, barns what ever doesn't move.
  10. oldjarhead

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    Gotta watch them raspberry/blackberry bushes...they'll take over your property over night.
    Too bad punji stakes don't grow.
  11. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Could always sneak a few of them punji plants in there. Glad to see ideas flowing with this thing. Might also add that attracting birds would work as a natural alarm system especially blue jays
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  12. big shrek

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    Black Bear in Florida luv 'em ;)

    I used to have some Spanish Bayonet plants...but I kept sticking I got ridda them.
  13. Kudzu is takeing over the woods in the south. You deffinitly have to walk around it.

    Another plant if planted properly would be wild plums. This idea of natural barbed wire is really a good one if you have the time and money to cultivate your property.
    Wild plants can be dug up in January and Febuary and transplanted and a varity can be used that bare fruits you can eat. Best of all there free if you know where to find them.

    My favorite jelly is wild plum ...A.H
  14. I would never put a berry bush around my property. Talk about messy and smelly. My neighbor has a mullberry tree and it over hangs my property. It gets so messy on that side of the house at times I don't even bother to mow. Then, all that's on the ground gets smelly from aging and then the heat. Not to mention all the bugs, birds and raccoons and other animals that love to eat 'em.

    Then there's all the ones that fall and fill and clog my gutter. And the smell that comes from that.

    Trust me, I've trimmed what I could. I can only get so high. Even got on my roof and used one of those fiberglass extension pole saws. I've cured it, or slowed the berry production for a while though. I pounded a few copper nails into that **** thing. lol

    There are or has to be better things to use then berry trees or bushes. Trust me. You'll sure wish you'd of used them if you went the berry route. lol

    As a kid I do remember this cranberry or small apple looking fruit or whatever it was that grew on this one tree that had long spikes on it. They would go right through your show if you stepped on one just right. And I don't remember any smell from those and they were all over the ground under it. But then, they'd get mulched into the ground every time the lawn would get mowed?

    But in all honesty, if someone wants to get in or on your property, they'll find a way. You use dogs, sadly they'll either just poison or shoot them. Use thorny bushes, it only takes a thick coat or blanket thrown on top to get over 'em. I think you see my point.

    Better off just having cameras or sensors set up/out so if/when you're home you can be alerted to them or see them and if you weren't at home and something happened you have a way of finding out exactly what happened.

    But then too, there's even ways around that. Masks, dark clothing, finding the recorder and taking it, etc...

    My point, don't sweat what you can't truly control. Just be as prepared as you can for any and all you can...
  15. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Locust trees are another good bramble that could be used' but they spread like wildfire if you don't keep them in check. It is a hard wood tree that have branch sprouts on them that will easily act like large thorns. I've had many a flat tire on my tractor trying to get rid of them.
    Any type of bramble will need to be watched closely and controlled or you will become a prisoner on your own property by your own doing.
  16. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Understand what you are saying,just thought this might be an additional measure to take for dealing with with groups that don't come quite as prepared as some of us. Those wwere thorn apples you were remembering.
  17. stinkybriches

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    i like the idea. i would exacute it like this personally.
    id start with a double row of arborvitae. that stuff grows thick, i mean really thick. next id plant a thick row of rasberries on the side twords the house. id put spikes in the ground all throughout the bushes. that arborvitae is gonna make it nearly impossilbe for someone not on your property to snipe you. the bushes are going to make it tuff to get through , giving you time to address the situation. if your lucky the spikes will get there feet and wound them. dogs would be usefull to alert you to truble. lastly if you really wanted to go all out you could dig a steap ditch outside the arborvitae to help keep out vehicals.
  18. The wonderful Century plant. That kudzu is right out of 'Day After' film.