Navy Traner Crash

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    Crew fatalities; possibly some on the ground:

    The T-6 is the primary phase trainer of the USAF and USN; it's a high performance (1200 HP) single engine turboprop which replaced the T-34 (Navy) and T-37 (USAF). It's performance significantly exceeds either in all respects.

    NAS Pensacola (I was stationed there) does the NFO and Navigator training for the USAF, USN, and USMC. NAS Whiting (Milton, FL) does the primary stage pilot training for the USN and USMC. The initial reports said the aircraft was out of Whiting field; these may or may not be correct.

    Foley, AL is west of Pensacola, FL and one of the major practice areas for NASP (secondary for NASW) is over this area extending west to Mobile Bay and north to I-10. There is intensive flight training in this area (as well as 2 outlying practice airfields; Silverhill and Barin).

    Causes will not be known for quite some time.

    Prayers for the victim's families.
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    Prayers lifted for the family and friends of the pilots.
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    My prayers go out to all involved.
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    Not good, but an occasional occurrence in the pilot training arena.

    Condolences to all those related.
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    I am sorry to see that. Prayers for all.
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    Prayers for the families and all involved. It must have been something catastrophic, because every Military pilot I know would have done whatever they could have to insured that they didn't go down in a populated area and injure innocent civilians.