NBA rookie does a Pat Tillman and joins the Army

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    New York
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    Good for him!
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    The cool guy at morning PT.
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    Cyrano: Sir; good on him :)

    It was an opportunity Plumlee knew was coming, having declared his intentions to join the U.S. Military before the NBA draft. He then juggled his duties with the New York National Guard while playing with the Knicks, driving up to its facility in Troy, N.Y., for drills whenever the schedule allowed. Carmelo Anthony called him “Captain America.”

    Although Plumlee might’ve never elevated to anything more than a fringe NBA player, he still had opportunities to continue his pro career. Back in October of 2018, he was traded to the Nets’ G-League affiliate in Long Island. But Plumlee never played for the Nets, and doesn’t plan to ever play professional basketball again.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with going enlisted, but at least he used his valuable education and went officer ranks.

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    Good for him.
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    God bless him. We need more like him.
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