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NC Star scopes: Are their scopes any good?

Discussion in 'Optics' started by myarmor, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. myarmor

    myarmor G&G Newbie

    Looking around at some scopes, I saw some of these on ebay .
    I have never heard of them-NC Star
    I am looking for a decent, affordable scope for my 17HMR. Here's the link-
    Anyone have or heard of them?

  2. silentknight

    silentknight G&G Newbie

    I put a Tasco 3-9x40 on my 17HMR for about $50 and it works great for me, try your local Wal-Mart. These scopes look very similar to my tasco in quality
  3. silentknight

    silentknight G&G Newbie

    i'm sorry, Simmons not Tasco
  4. myarmor

    myarmor G&G Newbie

    It has a Tasco World Class 3-9x40mm. It has been a great scope-clear and nice to adjust-But I am needing more power to zoom in.
    I have stumbled upon a Simmons Deerfield 4-12x40 on closeout for $50 and will probably order it.
    I don't really need an expensive scope on it. It doesn't kick any, I usually bench shoot with it cause it's got a bullbarrel and a little on the heavy side, and it stays in a case most of the time. A lot of people have tlked trash about Tasco ( and I myself have had a lemon before) but the World Class model scopes are nice little rigs for the money. Not as nice as a Nikon or Zeiss, but not as bad a quality as some of the ones in the past.
  5. Shaun

    Shaun Retired Moderator

    Simmons is the low end of scopes -- NC Star a Leepers are mostly junk I have seen a few guys at the range with them and the constant complaint is that they will not stay zeroed and fall apart.
  6. myarmor

    myarmor G&G Newbie

    I didn't know anything about them. But for some reason that doesn't surprise me.
    I haven't even heard of them untill I saw an ad on ebay. I can't stand to have a scope that won't hold zero. Nothing more fusterating. But I need a decent scope at a good price. I can't go much over $150. I need more than a 3x9.
    4-12 or more would be ideal. And in that price range it's hard to find a decent scope.
    Tons of BSA-BEC-Tasco-Simmons-Barska, etc..and I know they don't hold a light to Leupolds, Burris, and the like.
    Any recomendations that would be in my price range?
  7. Shaun

    Shaun Retired Moderator

    Bushnell Banner for about 90 bucks - and if you really stretch things and watch the sales you can find an older leupold Vari x II on clearance for 150 - 170. I have bought some in Oregon for 175 (3 in 2002). Priced two in May this year at the same price.
  8. myarmor

    myarmor G&G Newbie

    I seen one at Walmart-the Bushnell Banner 6-18x50-for about $125 I think.
    I will look for the 4-12x40. That sounds like it fits the bill nicely. Thanks Shaun, again I owe you one.
  9. mel-lyn

    mel-lyn G&G Newbie

    Go to Natchez Shooters Supply on the internet and check out the closeout specials. I have seen Bushnell Elite's on there for a whole lot less than they are worth-excellent scopes
  10. myarmor

    myarmor G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the tip mel-lyn.
    Good website.
  11. isd-pcman

    isd-pcman G&G Newbie

    NCStar scopes

    NCStar is what use to be Tasco. New Century Scientific (NCStar) purchased the defunct Tasco plant in China a few years ago. They make military scopes for the chinese and I believe other asian countries. They are a medium quality product. I have their 3-12X50 scope on my Colt Match Target (with the mil dot reticule) and it works fine (although it had to be returned the first week as the illumination did not work.) I don't know that I would have much confidence in this product on a gun with a kick (my MT6400C doesn't pack much recoil.) however, my experience is it's fairly accurate. I would put this on par with some of the Bushness (et. al.) scopes I've seen at 2-3x the price. I like the illuminated reticule too. Nice touch for low light conditions (and it really does make a difference.) I haven't seen these features in anything under $600 on the name brands (i.e. Leupold and Nikon, etc.) but I have to admit the quality of the optics is not up there with them, either.

    All in all, I'm happy with the purchase (I paid $70 with shipping on this thing.) The front objective is 50mm (comes with see-thru caps, too.) so it lets in plenty of light and the tube diameter is 30mm instead of 25mm (1") so it has good light penetration as well...and yes, it comes with 30mm rings, too. (I purchased an extra pair for $10 just to secure the mount.) The scope is long but fits the need I have.

    If you're looking for a decent quality product at a really good price I don't think you'll go wrong with NCStar. just don't expect it to hold up (accuracy wise) on that M77 7mm Mag rifle for more than a couple of rounds. :p
  12. willypete

    willypete G&G Newbie

    I am a victim of low price junk sometimes, just remember the bitterness of poor qaulity lasts a lot longer than the sweetness of low price. I admit it i too have been tempted and given in to NCstar crap. Next time i am saving my pennies for a Luepold or NIKON. or look at
  13. James B

    James B G&G Newbie

    Midway has the Simmons Aetec 3x12 on sale for 139.00 You won't beat the Aetec for quality and dependability with anything under 400.00. I have several Aetecs and several Leupolds. I can't tell the difference excpept that the Aetecs are clearer and have more eye relief. Five inches.
  14. yagermeister

    yagermeister G&G Newbie

    NcSTAR Scopes

    I was quite impressed by a recent article (Steven Mathews?) in Shotgun News, in which he evaluated some lower priced scopes that their advertisers offer. In particular, the article about the 6X40 scope caught my attention. Tried to order one thru Optics Planet, and waited two weeks and they still didn't have one in stock. Same story for J&G Sales. So picked one up on Ebay for around $30. It's a nice looking scope, and the optics seem bright and clear. Very positive clicks on the adjustments. Put it on an old Remington 512 bolt action .22, which is quite accurate with certain ammunition. Had been using an old, cheap 4X30 scope with pretty fine reticles. I could easily get 5 shots in a dime size group at 30 yards with its favorite ammo. Not with the NcSTAR scope though! Groups doubled and tripled in size, with lots of horizontal stringing. Adjusted the focus on the ocular lens, and that threw the point of impact a foot low at 50 yards. The reticles are a little too thick in my opinion, but parallax is the real problem as far as I can figure. The scope may work O.K. for out past 100 yards, but I've got Nikons and Leupolds on my high power centerfire rifles, so I can't figure what to do with this scope. If anybody is interested, I'll give you a good deal!
  15. yagermeister

    yagermeister G&G Newbie


    The NcSTAR scope I bought is actually 6X42. Still shipping!
  16. wunhunglo

    wunhunglo G&G Newbie

    I've got one for my AR15; it's OK as long as I don't vary the power then it loses zero. Last time I used it I shot less than 1 moa at 300m.

    So it's OK but not a patch on my Leupold Mk4 on my M14.

    Would I buy another one?? No, almost certainly not, but I reckon I got what I paid for, nothing else so can't complain too much.
  17. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder G&G Newbie

    You get what you pay for. Some of the ncstar line is an OK entry level scope. They have a very poor reputation for warranty service.
  18. yagermeister

    yagermeister G&G Newbie


    I'll probably get a Leupold carry handle mount for my AR and try it out on it. I did try the 6X42 on my .22 rifle at 100 yards yesterday, and actually drilled one orange dot dead center, but the rest of the shots looked like they came out of a bad Mini-14. Variable wind to around 7 m.p.h. was enough to scatter the shots I guess. I suspect it will do O.K. on the AR at 100 yds. and further. If anybody is really serious about giving one a try, I'd still consider letting it go for a lot less than I paid for it.
  19. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    I put one on my sabot barrel shotgun, 9 shots and it was destroyed.
  20. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy G&G Newbie

    read my new thread under cheap scopes/// I did not mention a brand but you guys will know who Im talking
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