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NC Star scopes: Are their scopes any good?

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Looking around at some scopes, I saw some of these on ebay .
I have never heard of them-NC Star
I am looking for a decent, affordable scope for my 17HMR. Here's the link-
Anyone have or heard of them?
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NcSTAR Scopes

I was quite impressed by a recent article (Steven Mathews?) in Shotgun News, in which he evaluated some lower priced scopes that their advertisers offer. In particular, the article about the 6X40 scope caught my attention. Tried to order one thru Optics Planet, and waited two weeks and they still didn't have one in stock. Same story for J&G Sales. So picked one up on Ebay for around $30. It's a nice looking scope, and the optics seem bright and clear. Very positive clicks on the adjustments. Put it on an old Remington 512 bolt action .22, which is quite accurate with certain ammunition. Had been using an old, cheap 4X30 scope with pretty fine reticles. I could easily get 5 shots in a dime size group at 30 yards with its favorite ammo. Not with the NcSTAR scope though! Groups doubled and tripled in size, with lots of horizontal stringing. Adjusted the focus on the ocular lens, and that threw the point of impact a foot low at 50 yards. The reticles are a little too thick in my opinion, but parallax is the real problem as far as I can figure. The scope may work O.K. for out past 100 yards, but I've got Nikons and Leupolds on my high power centerfire rifles, so I can't figure what to do with this scope. If anybody is interested, I'll give you a good deal!
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The NcSTAR scope I bought is actually 6X42. Still shipping!

I'll probably get a Leupold carry handle mount for my AR and try it out on it. I did try the 6X42 on my .22 rifle at 100 yards yesterday, and actually drilled one orange dot dead center, but the rest of the shots looked like they came out of a bad Mini-14. Variable wind to around 7 m.p.h. was enough to scatter the shots I guess. I suspect it will do O.K. on the AR at 100 yds. and further. If anybody is really serious about giving one a try, I'd still consider letting it go for a lot less than I paid for it.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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