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Discussion in 'Air Rifles' started by obxned, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. obxned

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    Ok, I want a very accurate air gun I can use for squirrels and an occasional rabbit at 25 or less yards. I am on a limited budget. What can I get that will do the job?

    I have seen that some pellets are rather expensive, are there some affordable pellets that will work?
  2. Mooseman684

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    Crosman 760 Pump up and powerful !

  3. I need to get one so I can shoot the rabbits in the back yard from my door and the neighbours wont cry.
  4. rando

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    I have several pump type crossman and daisy pellet rifles and not effective on sguirrels. i have the crossman and winchester one cock break open type and shoot 1000 to 1200 FPS and you should use the gold pellets. You will have a hard time taking them down quickly though and have to hit them in the head or ear. I have killed more rabbits with it at nightime and no problem. The rifles run from $100 to $150 but worth the cost for hunting with them
  5. RWS makes some good ones but they are budget busters. they start around $200 and go up from there
  6. .22guy

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    Gamo Whisper FTW!
  7. My dad got me one of those when i was 8 years old..had it for over 10 years before some one else broke it ( I was not a happy camper!) I took many many squirrels and rabbits with that gun and that was back when they only shot at 550 fps with a bb and a 500fps with a pellet now they are suppose to shoot around 650fps with a standerd bb and 600fps with a pellet. They have plenty of punch to kill a rabbit.

    PS I was hunting Snowshoe hare with mine and they are much larger than a cotten tail to give you an idea.
  8. grizcty

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    ^^ Agree 100%.
    It is what I use.
  9. How long have you had it? And have you had any problums with the seals on it slowly loosing air pressure? I had a buddy down in texas and he told me his brother n law has a crossman version that after a year had lost power then when he had first got it or does the gamo use a spring instead? I ask cause I have considered getting one (along with many other things lol) and I was just curios.
  10. grizcty

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    Had it for 3 years, and have put 3 tins of pellets through it. (1500)

    Uses a spring.
    This is very accurate, and powerful.
    Also will give you a great chest work out, while cocking it!
  11. Ok I was just curios. I sent him a text and he said that the crossman also is a spring pump and that it wasnt the seals it was the spring that has gone weak over a year. But I have heard good things about Gammo air guns. Is it really quieter than most others?
  12. Para Cassatt

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    I love the old Crosman pnuematics. I had a 760 that was super accurate with Daisy pellets about 30 years ago and made insanely long shots with it. This was accomplished by overpumping however which lead to my next one and then on to the 2200 Magnum which I believe they call the 2100 now. My last pellet rifle was a Benjamin Sheriden that I traded for either a 30-30 or a 10-22. I wish I had them all back.
  13. vermit55

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    I regularly use a Walmart $69 break barrel Crosman Phantom with a 3-9x40 Scope I picked up used on Craigslist. I use 10.5 grain lead pellets. Since it
    shoots at over 1000 fps it will break the sound barrier and crack like a 22 if you use pba gold or any other alloy . Yes it goes fast but not very accurate.
    Even 7.5 grain lead. I buy mine at Cabelas - 500 pellets for around $10.00
    Ive gotten so many squirrels and rabbits from 10 to around 25 yards single shot. I do have to daily align my scope , but its fast and powerful.
  14. check out the "pyramyd air" and "compasseco" airgun web sites , they have lots of info on various types of air guns. they both offer guns in the high and low price range and lots of accessories pellets, scopes etc. for hunting get a gun in .22cal that shoots in the 800-900 fps range. once you start shooting in the 1000 plus fps range that sound barrier deamon crops up and effects accuracy, your pellet is like "chuck yeager's plane" breaking the sound barrier in the movie "the right stuff" buffeting and loss of control. do a little research before you make your choice on an air gun.