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    I know some surgery can take a long time but.....

    Surgeon suspended for bank visit during operation
    August 8, 2002 Posted: 4:15 PM EDT (2015 GMT)

    BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- A surgeon who left a patient anesthetized and with an open incision in his back while he went to a bank several blocks away has had his medical license suspended.

    The patient was not harmed, but Dr. David C. Arndt created an immediate threat when he left the patient at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge to go to a bank in Harvard Square, the state Board of Registration in Medicine said Wednesday. It suspended his license indefinitely.

    The board said Arndt, a Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon, was six hours into a spine operation when he told the operating staff he needed to "step out." The board said he returned about 35 minutes later and finished the operation.

    Another surgeon who had walked into the operating area to deliver Arndt's paycheck told the board Arndt asked him to stay for a few minutes while he took a break. The other surgeon, who was not credentialed to perform the surgery and had not scrubbed in, assumed Arndt was simply going to the restroom, the board said.

    Arndt later said that the surgery had run longer than he expected and that he had to get the check to the bank because he was in a financial crisis and had to pay bills.

    His lawyer, Claudia Hunter, said Thursday that Arndt would appeal the board's decision.
    "He regrets his actions of July 10 and apologizes to his patient," Hunter said. "At the time of the events, the patient was stable and the surgery was successful."
    Arndt was suspended by Mount Auburn Hospital last month. He is also licensed to practice medicine in Louisiana.

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    At least he didn't leave his watch in the guys back!

    The elitest attitude to the max

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    you beat me to this one...I must be getting slow...I think this was the NAVY dr. that "fixed" my eye.
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    Medical facilities do make lots of mistakes. This is nothing new.

    There's more screw-ups during surgery than most people would believe.

    My daughter, who is a surgical nurse, has talked to me about some of the mistakes which have been done by doctors. Of course, the hospitals make every employee sign a confidentality statement just to keep their jobs. However, the truth eventually comes out and then the finger pointing and lieing begins.

    Occasionally a surgical tool is sewn up inside the wound which has to be retrieved. Occasionally incisions made are too close to veins or vessels which result in bleeding to death. Or the wound is contaminated by unsterile objects.

    I'm convinced these kinds of mistakes occur regularly all over the country. Most are unreported to the patient or family. Occasionally an investigation occurs which results in someone getting their hands slapped. Rarely do the surgeons receive penalties which they deserve for their unprofessional medical practice.

    This said, I believe major attempts are made by most surgeons to prevent these fowl-ups and they seldom happen. It's just that when they do happen they're usually covered up immediately, as a matter of hospital (un)official policy. The hospital administrators don't like to pay out for big lawsuits resulting from these kinds of things. This affects the hospital's bottom line. And our insurance providers just raise our rates to cover their asses.


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    Doctors kill more people every year than guns do. We need to ban doctors and automobiles...their both bad for ya!
  6. You CAN'T ban automobiles. It would be too hard to walk with all my guns to the range.
  7. Ok give him a break--he went out on a beer break.

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    Burros are cheap, just ask alan! :p
  9. Hee Haw--Burros are bassackward animals. Oh I forgot Chris isn't here. Just kidding.