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need a parts Mac

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JPM, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie

    Looking for a parts mak...I need the frame to do some custom grip fitting...just about anything else on it can be blown/cracked/whatever....

  2. I think you are gunna be SOL!! I've never heard of a blown Makarov!! Oh yeah!! You might try to get in touch with the bozos over at Gun Test Magazine. They managed to blow a couple or so they say!!
    You might try asking this over at , Karl MAY have a frame or two to sell, but I doubt it!!!

  3. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie

    yeah well, I tried there already ( that is....)

    I was kinda hoping I'd find far no luck.

    I'd try the gun test folks but they'd probably send me a S&W revolver by mistake....
  4. That's one thing I have to give those Russkies. They do know how to build tough guns!!! :)
  5. Just curious I don't own a mak, but have been told the east german is the best. Let me know.
  6. GARY D

    GARY D G&G Newbie

    A Mak is like a good wife... once you get one you NEVER part with it.

    I agree the Russkies sure knew how to build a fine little pistol... at least mine is a fine little pistol :p
  7. Gee, Pistolet Makarova is not supposed to be a 25yd weapon!! But, my Bulgarian, East Deutsch, and Soviet Makarovs print 2-3in groups at that range. Which is best?? All of them!!! I have not shot it, but I bet my Chinese Type 52 would do the same thing!!! :D
  8. A parts-Makarov?

    I dont think Makarovs break often enough for there to be any source for "parts-guns".

    Good luck but I think you may want to think of another project.
  9. Caliber9

    Caliber9 G&G Newbie

    Parts Mak Story


    Some years ago, I was going to buy my first Mak at a gunshow that I was working (I was selling some Russian uniforms with a pal). During a break, I find this guy with a $120 East German Mak. I tell him I'll buy but he informs me that he's just table sitting for a friend and that he will let his pal know my intrest in it and where my table is. Long story short, the bozo sold all the parts off the gun minus the triggergaurd and frame, and then had the gaul to try and sell the frame to me!

    There are frames out there. Try Numrich arms.