Need advice on the .30 carbine

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  1. riverrat

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    i know very little about military firearms but i have fallen in love with the M-1 carbine. My questions are about the versatility of the firearm. What is the stopping power of the .30 carbine? Out to a distance of about 150 yds. on deer or hogs?
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    Relatively poor bring down power. Even at closer distances, it does not have the punch needed. Have they killed at those distances?..yes, but 10 times more escaped and got away to die later. It lacks the fine accuracy needed at that distance also.

  3. The carbine . . .

    . . . is famous as a WW2 weapon design yet the cartridge has not proven
    itself adequate in either combat or peacetime hunting situations. Ruger has chambered the cartridge in its single action handgun yet it has not been the best seller for Ruger.

    Some of the carbines were issued with full auto capability.

    Overall, unless you truly wish to own the gun for the history and the design I would not purchase it.
  4. DWFan

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    Nice little plinker, but that's about all. A 110gr bullet at about 1900 fps just ain't enough. Maybe javelina or coyote, but definitely not deer or hogs at any distance further than the end of the barrel. They are fun to shoot though.
  5. Everybody compares the M1 Carbine to other rifles. It was a replacement for the 1911 handgun. When you think of it in that context it is a supurb replacement. I hear of a lot of people who hunt deer with it. Personally I wouldn't. Not allowed in my state anyway.
    As far as being a fun rifle to shoot? One of the top 5 I would say. Number 3 in my book. 1) Tommy gun 2) Garand 3) M1 Carbine.
    I would advise purchasing a original GI M1 Carbine. And stay away from the copies and remans.
  6. I have a number of carbines all GI original. A couple Universals in 22 jet. Two Le Mag conversions .45 Win Mag and 50 AE. The .45 Win Mag is a winner.

  7. Sarge

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    Not legal to hunt game animals with in most states.
    Lousy for anything serious!!! Also not worth a **** for cyotes! I shot one one evening at about 75 yds standing broadside to me. Went down like hit by a truck - got up and ran full tilt. Knocked him down again at about 100 yds - got up and ran with one hind leg. Over the hill and gone. A friend found the carcas the next spring about a half mile from where I shot him.
    My dad also knocked one down and had him get up and dissapear in the brush.
    Both the above was with GI ball. That was the only ammo there was in the late 50s.


    RiverRat & His carbine

    Riverrat,our members gave you a wealth of knowledge&opinions concerning your carbine. Yes-I have an Inland,the history, the firing action, the parts,adding accoutrements-like mags. an M4 (love it). This being said,I view the 30 a 9 mm.on roids to sum it up-BigDeer/BigHogs...NO Mutt/Jeff....And For Your Protection....YES
  9. .22guy

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    They are a lot of fun, but not the most powerful round. Just know it's limitations and have fun with it.

    PS check out the CMP.
  10. rfc357

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    The M1 carbine round is a slight re-design of the .32 Self-Loading cartridge, which was a commercial flop because it was neither accurate enough nor powerful enough for effective hunting.

    If you punch a large animal through the heart or brain, it will do the job. However, a hit outside an immediate-stop area will result in a wounded animal.

    The carbine is fairly effective on men, which are apparently easier to kill than deer.
  11. The Army soon realized that very many soldiers would not or could not shoot a 1911 well enough to defend themselves. The M1 was designed to issue to troops not likely to see front line combat. Of course it was light and handy so lots of guys carried one regardless. If you wound a deer he runs off. If you wound most men they give up or run to an Aid Station.
    At one time the M2 was fairly popular among Cops in West Texas.
  12. livebythegun

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    I've taken three deer with mine. Not any distance further than 75yds. but definitely further than the end of the barrel!:scool:
  13. I'd hunt with one. Proper shot placement and the right bullet would make it a handy hunting arm.
  14. Would a reload work better for hunting? Are there any tested heavier AND SAFE loads?
    I had one many years ago but sold it as I didn't really like it. Fun to shoot though.
  15. jimb2

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    Good reloads with soft point bullets are ok for deer and hogs out to around 75 yards. I wouldn't go farther than that though. The accuracy for good shot placement just isn't there in the average carbine.
  16. Laufer

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    You might be careful if you decide to buy a newer carbine by AO.

    Mine was bought brand-new from a gun store and after two months of treating it like a delicate antique, although new, the bolt came a bit out on the right side and was stuck.
    The gunsmith would not touch it and the factory work made it seem like new.

    In the meantime, tested a used Mini 14. Bought it then sold the AO Carbine, being quite disillusioned (it was my first gun purchase-Very First, and I'm 52). Even the magazine spring caused very frequent mis-feeds from the moment it came home....the factory repaired it too.

    Pretty crappy products-in my opinion-for my $700 or so. Could have bought an SKS and a real heap of ammo.

    Let's "compare and contrast" ammo; the.223 comes out at about 3,000 fps versus the M-1 C's 1900 fps, and .223 is used in so many types of guns, as is x39 in my used Mini 30 and SKS (or Saiga/AK-47..). Sure, Minis are heavier but seem like much more reliable, durable guns for my short-range plinking. No sweat-if they get heavy, we sling them on our shoulder for a while.
    Good luck with your decision.
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    When you ask about heavier bullets in a carbine, you need to remember one small detail, overal cartridge length. The 110 gr bullet properly loaded takes up the entire length of the magazine. A heavier bullet would be longer. If you set it deeper in the case, then you increase the presure while reducing the powder capacity. Most load in the carbine are case-full loads as it is. And the operating pressure is only 40,000 psi not a max of 57,000 as in larger military rifles like the aught-six or Mauser.
  18. WestTex

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    If you just like shooting it...........go for it. I've got on and I really just like to shoot it.
  19. evanmarshall

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    I carry Cor bon DPX in mine and it makes a dandy car gun. under 100 meters only as my 65yr old eyes make ID beyond that point extremely difficult even with Bifocals.
  20. riverrat

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    I was just told that yesterday Evan, Currently shooting Remington but am looking for Corbon's. Welcome to the forum.