Need FEG PMK-380 Owners Manual

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by britsoft, Mar 22, 2002.

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    I purchased a FEG PMK-380 from a local dealer and the fella can't find the owners manual for the gun. FEG does not seem to be an easily located manufacturer so I'm out begging for a copy of the owner's manual if someone can spare it. I'll pay for copy and shipping costs. Thanks...Bob Weaver [email protected]
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    Bob, I have a new FEG Mark II .380 PKM. New, in the manufacturer's box complete with second mag, flat right-side plastic grip, user's manual & safetey manual. It even has the sticker on the box: "This weapon has not been tested to conform to Massachusetts Statutes. This item is not legal for sale in Massachusetts." LOL.

    Anyway, This post was from long ago, but if you still need the manual, I would be happy to make a copy for you.

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    Thanks for the offer, but...

    I finally found one, then found out the gun may not be functional as the guy who sold it to me turned out to not be qualified to service guns even though he had bought himself a permit. Apparently you don't really need to know anything to tell people you do here in Idaho. He checked over an old 308 I had bought at an auction and said it was in perfect condition. Just to make sure I had a second gunsmith look at it and he showed me where someone had attempted to bore it out but never finished the job. He said that if had I put a round in it and pulled the trigger I would have been spred out thinner than my wallet at xmas time. At this point, without having a good gun smith look it over, I'd never pull the trigger. Thanks for the offer...Bob
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    Well, your post was over a year ago, but I just got a good deal on a PMK 380 and like what I've read about it. However, I'd like a manual to find out things like how to break it down to clean it!
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    Granny, give this site a try:

    Rediscovered Shooting Treasures

    He doesn't have any FEG manuals listed in the main list, but if anyone knows where to lay his hands on one, he will. He got me a manual (replica - that's what he sells) for my Ortgies, and that's a pistol much more obscure than your PMK .380.

    In the meantime, if memory serves the PMK is a Walther PP clone. If you can lay hands on a Walther PP manual, that might allow you to field-strip it with confidence. Worth a try, anyway.
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    As near as I can tell from an extensive internet search, the PMK 380 and PA 63 are basically the same except for the slight differences due to .380 vs 9X18 Makarov. I have a .380 pistol and a 9X18 pistol coming next week, each with a manual, and I will be able to tell for sure then. I have found and downloaded a very complete PA 63 manual in pdf format. Unfortunately, I did not bookmark the URL. If you want a copy, PM me an email address and I will send it to you as an attachment (it's a 2.3 MB file).

    If you want to wait, I will scan the 380 manual and send the images to you. Will still need an address.
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    I posted a scan of the manual a while ya go:

    No offense meant, but please check forums before asking for something that may already be there.
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    Yeah, I'm lost. I bought this FEG PMK-380 for $279, thats what the box says anyway. Anyway, the gun says Made in Hungary. I'm confused because I see so many other guns, such as the PA-63 that looks exactly like my handgun. How do I know what kind of handgun I have? There are 3 markings on the gun. An "M" and an "I" on the stock, then another "I" on the slide. I just wanna know what kind of gun I have and where I can get an additional clip.
  9. Pope130

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    Your PMK-380 is pretty much the same gun as the PA-63. I believe the only parts different are the barrel and extractor.

    The barrel should be marked with the correct cartridge designation. For your .380 the designation could be: "380", "380 ACP", "9x17", "9mm Short", "9mm Kurz, "9mm Corto", or just "ACP". If it's a PA-63 barrel it should be marked: "9x18", "9mm Makarov", or "MAK".

    If you are still uncertain take the slide off an try putting a cartridge in manually. A 380 will fit loose, and go a bit too far in in a 9x18 chamber. A 9x18 won't go into a 380 chamber at all.

    Magazines are the same for the 380 and Makarov versions. Try CDNN, they have PA-63 mags for $14.99. They're listed under FEG.

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    I stumbled upon this thread while doing a google search for the FEG PMK .380 magazines. I have one that used to be my uncle's that is marked South African Police Service and has their logo/crest/thing on the slide. I've been looking high and low for magazines..and this thread helped a lot.
    Thank you.

    EDIT: And it should be noted that the PA-63 mags from that website are now $25.
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    Yah, I found those eventually..I've done a lot of business with CFS. About 80 miles away from me. :|