Need help finding a part!

Discussion in 'Savage' started by coreygreenwell, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. coreygreenwell

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    i was given a Savage/Springfield 187M by my f-i-l the other day to go plinking with all the rest of my .22's...

    i took it to the range yesterday and it wouldn't even feed the first round down the tube mag...brought it back home and broke it down to clean it really good and found out the part that the rounds travel through that feeds the rounds from the mag tube into the receiver is bent and bowed by a previous owner or isnt listed on Numrich's as a replaceable part per se but it can be replaced...if anyone has a clue as to where i can find the rifle parts besides them or a parts rifle or even a crappy one i can horde for parts would be awesome!!!

    thanks guys and gals!!!

    BTW, first day and first post!

    try to post pics later if no one knows what im talking about
  2. SwedeSteve

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    Can't be straightened ??

  3. First off, welcome to G&G.

    A picture or two of the item in question might be helpful.

    And though I honestly don't know, and am just throwing this out there, but is it something you could maybe straighten out or straighten out enough by putting a dowel rod or similar type of rod through?
  4. coreygreenwell

    coreygreenwell G&G Newbie

    tried to straighten it but the bolt has grooves that ride over the edges and they cant be misaligned or out of whack...the part is about as far gone as it can be and it looks to have been "repaired" before...i did everything i knew to do without really trashing it and i decided to stop before i went to far and rendered it completely en route!!!

    post in a minute
  5. jerry

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    might have to have one made/machined
  6. coreygreenwell

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    here ya go guys...i need the actual main housing (magazine guide #87-293)
  7. missfire

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    Why don't you contact Gun Parts Corp (866)688-7424 and see if there is a crossref. to your 187m. That part looks like the mag. guide #104820B listed for
    model187A? ($12.85) May just be the same part?
  8. You coud try JACK

  9. Steve

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    If you can not find one contact me.