Need help indentifying this knife

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  1. I was gifted this along with my fathers KBAR he was issued in the Marines when I was 13 or so, but never really asked him the history behind it . I plan to next time I see him but in the mean time any help would be appreciated.

    The only markings on the blade are on the handle just above the lanyard hole and either says INDIANA underscore and extra below that or JND|HNA underscore extra. Above that is what I think is a profile of an indian chief with feather type headress. Other than that all I know is he got it around the same time as the KABAR.

    My Google Fu has failed in finding anything so any help would be appreciated it.

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  2. Paul T

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    Looks like a throwing knife and the Indiana may be from an old company fom that state. I can tell you it looks definately like a thrower.

  3. Yeah, it does have the appearance of a thrower, but thats to obvious, it can't be the right answer :)