Need help, on old Remington Rolling Block Rifle

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by texas shooter, May 23, 2008.

  1. texas shooter

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    I just got an old rifle from my farther-in-law. This may be in wrong section, so if it is I'm sorry. I need help on the idenity and the year, etc. This is the info I have. Remington Rifle.
    1. Single shot, rolling block action center fire.
    2. Has hex barrel.
    3. Has serial # 31957 on the bottom tang or tab that comes off receiver to hold stock on, same # on barrel under fore stock.
    4. On the tangs off receiver it has the # 152 only on left side, top and bottom.
    5. On the barrel, bottom in front of fore stock it has 32W stamped, I believe a .32 Winchester, or a .32-20 as they call it ?
    6. It has several pat. #'s on the left of the receiver, last one being Sept. 9, 1873.
    7. The stocks are all in good shape, no cracks or even bad nicks, etc. Just darkened. The fore stock has a bigger end, curve down design? at end toward muzzle with a darker wood insert, looks like it was fancy for its day.
    8. Rear stock has a curved metal butt plate that comes up on top of the stock.
    9. All the action is tight, barrel good, great rifling, no bad pits, the knurl on the hammer and block is Great.
    Now the bad thing, someone before he got it many years ago took off ALL the blue, it is just metal. He kept it oiled no rust pits, never shot it etc.
    Questions, how do I find the year ? Should I have it reblued ? I want to keep it and even shoot it, this I don't worry about I believe it's in shape for that. I need your help on this please, I thank you for all advice.
  2. Mooseman684

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    By description , it sounds like you have a No.2 sporting rifle...
    Question is is it .32 Rimfire or is it centerfire ???
    They made both.
    They were made from 1873-1909.
    Do NOT have it reblued..just cleaned and kept oiled for as much value as can be kept on it.
    Value is approximately 600.00 as is , it would be worth a Lot more if it was kept in better shape...

  3. rondog

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    Clean it well, keep it oiled, shoot it if you want, but DON'T refinish it! Not the metal or the stock! Or change any parts. You'll destroy the value of it, it could be quite valuable. Would also be a good idea to have a good gunsmith check it out.



  4. texas shooter

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    Moose, it's a center fire, and thank you BOTH!!!! I don't know why anyone took all the blue off, neither did he, we talked about it several times. I spent last nite and today cleaning it , barrel etc. Used everything I had , lead , copper, foam, etc. remover, it even looks better now, inside barrel that is. He always loved this gun, so I have got to shoot it at least once, he never did.. It just seems a waste to leave all this metal bare. I know not to touch the stock, it's fine, wonder though about the darkened insert on the forestock, wonder if it's teak wood or ? I do bet this was nice in it's day. The action is so simple on this, other than being single shot, bet it never let you down. I have a post on a model 70 if either of you can help me.
    Thanks again to both of you.
    I'm gonna take pics, devlope, scan and post, yep I know old ways, but ain't got no digitial cam.
  5. rondog

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    It's possible that someone tried to remove a little minor rust with Naval Jelly, or something similar, not knowing that stuff would strip the bluing right off. Bluing is essentially controlled rusting, so rust removal products will destroy a blued finish in a hurry.
  6. texas shooter

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    Moose was right, it's a Model 2 sporter. Took it to the gun show last weekend, was offered $600. for it as is. Was told by another it was worth $1000. but don't believe that, easy to price something you ain't buying. I don't believe I will ever find out exact year made, think it's about 1895.
    Thanks for all the help.
  7. William Seddon

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    I have an identical rifle. It's serial number is 33570. I was wondering where I could take it and get an honest appraisal/offer for it. I've gotten too old to keep a lot of guns around to just admire. My gr grandfather bought it for my grandfather when the old muzzle loader burned out. GR. grandfather carried muzzle loader in Civil War. Grandfather was about 16 when he got the gun. It's in pristine shape, no scratches on stock, bluing still intact. I ran an oil patch down the barrel and rifling looks good.
  8. William Seddon

    William Seddon Guest

    Ok. I took the rifle to a gun dealer and he stated th gun should bring $1,500 due to its condition.
  9. Krag 30-40

    Krag 30-40 Guest

    Remington Rolling Block serial numbers are notoriosly hard to year date.Remington didn't keep records like Winchester.From known dated No.2 rifles the 30 thousand range numbers run from aprox.1880 to 1888.The 32W designation is for the .32-20 WCF.Many firearms chambered for this round in that time period were so designated I have had Marlins and Winchesters marked that way.