Need help with a recreation.

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  1. My Grandpa is always telling me stories of my great Grandpa and his hunting prowess. Here's the story of which this project is based off of:

    My great Grandpa owned a model 99 Savage in 250-3000 that was handled so much the blue was almost gone. While painting his home he had extra paint left over, in the color of a robins egg, so he painted his gun. He said that many would say "If the Blue Bird chirps, dinners on the other end."

    I know this isn't a lot to go off of but I'm trying to be stealthy about this, I KNOW I would get a tear filled reaction:147:. Most of what I find on the internet are collectors guns, not some hunters rifle.

    Any advice for sites (all I need is a functional gun with a good bore), I've tried gunbroker , or paint would be great.
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    Keep checking gunbroker. You can also check pawn shops and gun shows as well. I am not sure how much you are going to have to pay, but the way it sounds it will be worth it with a tear filled reaction and all. Some things are just priceless.

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    Also try AuctionArms and Gunsamerica.
  4. Here's one on this page and as I type this you may can find the same rifle at Cabela's.

    I just Googled the gun and presto. Get ready for sticker shock LOL.

    Savage 99 Rifles -
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    I believe we have a Savage M99 in 250-3000, used, in our Shop. I'll check it out tomorrow.
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    We do in fact have a Savage M99 in 250-3000 in decent shape for $650.