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  1. I am getting ready to outfit one of my rifles and I was seriously thinking of the Kobra red dot.

    The problem I have is my eyesight and I find magnifying scopes great but like the idea of Kobra (both eyes open....better in low light, etc. or so they claim).

    For some of us, even with glasses on, you can't get a balance between the sights and the target without squinting, etc.

    Has anyone any imput as far as having problems focusing on the target like you do with open sights? As near as I can read on the Kobra is it's like open sights only with a dot or three other reticles and no magnifying.

    I hate to invest the money to find out I shoulda gone with a magnifying scope.

    Thanks in advance guys and guyettes.
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    What gun? red dot's are for fast close in work and not target work.

    Most have a 5 moa size dot, so that means at 100 yards the dot covers 5 inches....

    If your thinking sniper rifle think again....

    If your thinking Ak clone go for it....

    This would work out on shotguns for clays, pistols for fast shooting, and semi rifles that are not for tack driving.....
    Hope this helps..... Mac

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    I shoot with one eye open at the range with a scope but when i am in the woods I shoot both eyes is a trick to learn took me the better part of 2 years on how to acuire and change focusing eyes.

    this is how I did it I know several people who have done this.Take your rifle to the woods and keep both eyes open.folow birds or squirels.Now the trick folow them with your rifle in your shoulder and keep both eyes open.when you are on target.or catch a glimps of your target in ypur scope change focous eyes to the one behind the scope.doing this will give you faster target acucsation.i can be on a deer running threw the woods faster and ready to shoot than most the only one I know of that is quiker Is the guy who thought me my Dad
  4. I wasn't aware of the 5 MOA of the red dot...glad I asked.

    Think I'll stick with a regular scope...thanks for the imput guys...yepper....'preciated.
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    I haven't quite decided yet on the red dot scopes. Mainly because I hate things that rely on batteries.
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    I recently checked into different red dot and similar type sights. Ended up buying an EOTECH Holosight. It's a LEO only sight now according to manufacturer but there are plenty available, its also sold as the Bushnell Holosight. The dot is 1 moa. I use it on a duty rifle/carbine. (Mini 14). Great for quick target acquisition. We only shoot/qualify out to 100 yards and it is great at these ranges. Batteries going dead are only sore point, but they do give a fair warning before dying and you always have iron sights as back up on any battle type rifle.I also looked at Trijicon and Meprolight reflex sights. If you are looking for a non battery powered sight you cant go wrong with either of these two.
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    There are red dot scopes that do not use batteries, including the original, the Armson OEG.