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    Hey so i finally got a 91/30 thanks to people on this forum but i bought a clymer no go headspace gauge i cant seem to get the extractor out i went to and it says just use a punch and tap it out but didnt move just got a couple of dings. Also went to they said use some penetrating oil and drift it out the back. Wondering if anybody on this forum has done it. Help i dont want to take it to a smith and pay to do when i already have a gauge. Thank you
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    I just lift the front lip with a very small screwdriver and gently tap it towards the rear with a brass or aluminum punch...Dipping it in boiling water will loosen the cosmoline holding it...

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    marion57 i looked at that page tried to do what it was telling me but my extractor wouldnt budge
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    What I do is I drilled a hole into a piece of wood large enough to let the extractor slip down through when the bolt head is sitting on it but small enough that the bolt head wont slip through it. I then spray some penetrating oil into a a small dixie cup and let the bolt head soak in it for about a hour. Then I place the bolt head on the piece of wood with the extractor over the hole i drilled. I then take a brass hammer and pound the extractor down to where it is flush with the bolt head rim. I then take a brass punch and gently tap the extactor down the side of the bolt head until it falls loose ( it will fall into the hole you drilled ).
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    Great advice as usual. Just be careful with that extractor!
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    Did you do what Mooseman told you in previous post?
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    just break it off....use ur headspace gauge....then put another one in. It'll make it easier to get that last bit of cosmoline out from under it. :D

    oh hey....anyone know where to buy ammo for an 11x39mm sks?
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