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    My m-91 jams after firinf about 15-20 rounds. It loads fine but takes extreme force to open the bolt. I had this problem earlier and I cleaned out a bunch od build up around the bullet chamber and it worked fine today until after about 15 or 20 rounds. Anyone else have this problem? Any remedies.
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    try stripping the bolt and clean all the parts down to bare metal (brake parts cleaner works great),then reassemble using a light coat of good gun grease on all contact points,especially the angled camming surfaces at the rear of the bolt can also polish these surfaces using lapping compound if they are rough but go easy on far as the jamming,we need more info,are the rounds hanging and not stripping from mag,not feeding into chamber,not coming up high enough to be caught by bolt,or...? all i can say is it sounds heat related to me, guys?

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    are you using lacquer coated ammo??? that coating builds up, and the heat from firing makes it stick real good. switch to brass or copper coated ammo. also wrap a rag around a chamber brush sprinkle some cleanser on it (Comet)piece of cleaning rod chucked into a drill and polish the chamber, if there's a rough chamber issue.:nod: :assult:
  4. I stripped my 91-30 down and cleaned it good......I was shooting Wolf 200 grain Bimetal (copper/steel) SP (black box) and I had to beat open the bolt action nearly every time.

    I think it's the cheap Wolf ammo but, I don't know of any other ammo out here.
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    the wolf ammo works great in all of my guns(only ammo i have had any probs with is S&B).i have noticed a correlation between operating stiffness and bolt wear in my 91/30.when i first shot it the bolt was extremely stiff,which seemed odd because it is the loosest (well worn!)gun i own.i swapped bolts with my m-44 and the problem disappeared.i never shot the m-44 using the 91/30 bolt so i don't know if the prob. "traveled" with the bolt or not.might be interesting to see. P.S.-is this a gun that you've shot a while or a recent acquisition?
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    I am using that green steel cased ammo. I also think its a heating/expansion problem. I'll clean it out and play some more, where can I get some brass cased ammo at a reasonable price.
  7. I'm sure it's an expansion issue with my Mosins.

    The Wolf steel/copper cases will cycle fine when just running them in, closing the bolt and opening it and ejecting them. It's only after they are fired I have the stiff bolt issue.

    Like I said I literally have to take the palm of my hand and smack the bolt up hard.
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    hey phacopsrana,if you don't mind the drive,classic arms is in indian trail between charlotte and monroe just a little west of the wilco truck stop on hwy 74.they sell the "spam" cans of russian mil-surp for $47.50 (440 rds).pretty sure it's corrosive even though a lot of places claim otherwise.they also sell it in 20 rd bundles at the store for about $5.00 per.i've shot a lot of it w/good results even though some of the case necks are wrinkled.has a 148 gr fmjbt bullet and i've never had a failure to fire w/it,just be sure to clean well after shooting.
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    mosen jamming

    Hi guys I have read your posts and have found the same problem. Now i am not a gunsmith but a retired military jet mech. and ase master auto mech, So i do understand some things.
    now with my rifles, after 15 or so shots it got warm and was difficult to cycle the bolt. and i have cured it very easily.
    1) when warm and hard to operate, first bull back on the firing pin knob to set the firing pin. you will find the bolt cycles normally. If this is the case the firing pin is set to tight.
    2) remove bolt and partially disassemble it to access the firing pin nut, back off the nut 1,one turn and reasemble the bolt and try again. this has proven to be the final fix for both of my mosens and a friends. try it you wont be sorry. The rifle and ammo are fine , Not even the soviets would sent their sons to war with guns that wont cycle.
  10. It is dirty. Clean it another couple of hours.

    Watch red cycle her well used m44 on youtube. [ame=]YouTube - Mosin Nagant M-44, Rapid Fire by woman.[/ame] she cleaned her Mosin litterally hours before it would cycle. It was very sticky once it warmed up at first.

    As far as the soviets go they sent some soldiers to war with only a stripper clip and told them to pick up a weapon from a dead comrade. At least it was portrayed that way on "Enemy at the gate."

    Bulgarian ammo is available for about 15-20 cents a round. It is brass cased.
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    i put 0000 brass wool on an old shotgun brush and chucked it in a drill.
    mine dont stick anymore.