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Discussion in 'Steyr' started by Corster, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    I've owned my 43 M95 for a few years. It's always been too expensive to shoot, and it didn't come with strippers. I just got two surplus strippers in, and found that the ammo I ordered from Sportsmans Guide is backordered - after I placed the order.

    I am wondering if anyone could spare a box of 20? I have a retreat this Friday that I was hoping to finally shoot the M95, but now it looks like I won't be able to.

    If anyone is willing to help, please PM me. Someone local to Milwaukee, WI would be awesome. I am willing pay fair (current price) value.



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    Dude, I have never shot anything but reloads through any of my 3. But I can't sell you reloads, that takes a Federal permit. I have a few boxes of old '37 ammo with Nazi proofmarks, but I have no idea what to charge for them, since they have probably more collector value than shooting value. (And have corrosive primers to boot!) I'm not even sure who will ship them and what sticker I need and how much it would cost. Too bad, my brother lives in Wauwatosa which isn't far. If you know ANYBODY that reloads, you can convert 7X54R cases. They will work, but are a bit short. Prvi Partizan does make modern ammo, but most places don't stock it. I would try Gander Mountain or Dunhams to see if they do.
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    Thank you guys for your efforts. I understand there are legal obsticals, but had to try.

    What exactly needs to be done to the 7.62x54r to make it work in a M95? I have a crate of that stuff.


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    You may have a crate of it, but I bey they a Berdan primed, not boxer. Makes reloading them a whole lot harder. First are they brass or steel cases? Makes a BIG difference. Steel tends to spring back after sizing and the neck tension may not be enough to keep the seated bullet tight. Then you have to deprime them, not an easy chore in itself. A regular decapping die will just have the pin break off because there is no primer flash hole centered in the case. You either have to kind of chisel them out, or remove them hydraulically. A messy, time consuming chore, if a bit easier than chiseling them out.Once they are deprimed you have to find a source of Berdan Primers, which are not used n this country. Graf and Sons and Powder Valley recently started selling them. Then you need the 8X56R dies. Once the cases are primed you just use those dies, removing the decapping pin from the sizer/decapper die.. If you are using commercial boxer primed 7.62X54R cases, you just use the 8X56R dies as stated in the instructions. Like I said, the rounds will be short in the end, but shootable. Other than my antique ammo, I made all of mine using correct 8X56R brass....also to be had at Graf And Sons, as well as the correct sized .323" bullets.
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