Need info about 380 ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ArkansasHunter, May 13, 2008.

  1. I received a letter today that my stimulent check had been deposited in one of my accouts.
    So now I'm ready to buy a Ruger LCP 380 semi-auto pistol.

    Does anyone here know what would be the best cartridge to load in this small pistol for concealed carry ?

    Thank you A.H
  2. TXplt

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    AH--I've shot these in 380 and other calibers (45 ACP, 45 Colt, .38+P, .357) from this ammo maker. It's some of the best defensive stuff I've found, particularly in the .38 +P arena. Might also look at Cor-Bon.

    Product Line Listing

  3. TXplt awsom totaly awsom !!!!! I'm sold on Buffalo Bore LOL !!! Thanks a MILLION !!!

    I've got to go back and go over the whole site for sure.

    I found out a little while ago around here the Ruger LCP is on back order with no delivery date in site.

    And the few gun stores we have, have a waiting list but I'm on the top of one.

    I'd like to have the Ruger SR 9 but thats getting away from comfortable concealed carry.

    I may be ought to buy a Mosin Nagant rifle until the LCP come in !!! LOL...A.H
  4. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    Thanks--hope they work OK for y'all

    Take care :)
  5. You might look at Cor-bon defencive ammo. It and what TXplt posted should work just fine!
  6. Punisher

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    Man AH where did you find the LCP? I wanted my fiancee to get that but I couldnt find it anywhere. She got the Bersa T380CC today.
  7. Windwalker

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    I like the look of the Buffalo Bore 380 with the 95 gr. Speer Gold Dot hp.
  8. Steve

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    AH my wife has had a browning BDA 380 for years and the very best ammo we have found is HYDRO-SHOCK awsom knock down and never any feeding problems, it is rated very highly in the self defense writeups i have read.Just my opionion.
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Buffalo Bore all the way! If'n you don't buy a Mosin, I'm gonna tell on you, LOL!
  10. Sounds like the Buffalo ammo has a big jump in pressure over some others. As they say there is no free lunch. I wonder where the pressure limits are.

    I tested some 380 ammo myself in a PPKs and found that the Magtech gave 950fps Remington was 920. Both were 95g FMJ RN.