need info on W. Richards 12g Shotgun

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  1. I inherited a Westley Richards 12g shotgun, double barrel, Deeley action boxlock, ( Deeley's Patent ejector #7610) double trigger w/ ejectors, steel barrel (probably rebarreled from damascus?). On the ejector it has the number "1". and also on the splinter forearm. (probably 1 of a 2 guns?) The English markings are: .729" BNP (with the crown over it) 12 (in a triangle) 2 1/2 " 3 tons per " . It has the number 7673 printed on the gun in several places, probably the serial number. It's walnut, oil finished with a leather hand tooled recoil pad. Along the top of the barrel is carved, " New Barrels By I. M. Crudgington 7 Green Street Bath" There are also pretty carvings on the barrel. It came in a leather green felt lined case. I don't know very much about shotguns so I may have worded this all wrong! Any information, dates, value, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Cindy
  2. Welcome to the boards cbv. Pull up a seat, grab a cold one and enjoy yer time with us.
    Since some body's gonna' say it anyway. We gotta' have pic's please, please, Please. Especially ones of old doubles.
    First and foremost, please have that shotgun checked out by a competent smith before you fire it. It would be a shame to have a W.Richards damaged by modern loads.
    Mr. Crudgingtons markings tell me the barrels were indeed replaced, but the chambers are 2 1/2" and low pressure at that. Again, have a smith check this. 3 metric tons calculates to 6613 pounds. How this converts to the psi of chamber pressure is above my math level, but the modern loads I use in my 16 gauge A5 turn 11,000 psi.

    If you would, could you post up pic's of that leather covered pad? I'm currently trying my hand at doing them and have had quite a time finding any decent images on line of good ones. A Westley Richards would be one of the finest.

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    Welcome to G & G Cindy,

    Asphalt Cowboy is right on the money when he mentions Westly Richards as one of the finest. They have been making firearms since 1812, in Birmingham England. They also have a site here in the United states, Bozeman, Mt.

    What makes it difficult to give you an idea of value is because Westly Richards mainly produces high grade custom made firearms. Two of the best firearms price guides, "Blue Book Of Firearms" and "Standard Catalog of Firearms", recommend that an appraisal be made on such a piece. The value could be in the thousands, depending on the firearm and condition.

    Here's a link to Westly Richards,

    Westley Richards | Contact us

    Using their interactive gun date engine I typed in 7673, I believe that to be the serial number and the year came back 1896. You might want to fill out an enquiry form they have on the site and list all the information that you can about the firearm.

    I would contact Westly Richards first and find out more information on the piece and then have a professional appraisal done, Westly Richards might even be able to recommend someone in your area.

    Good luck and keep us posted, Joe
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    You need a real Professional Appraisal for that Shotgun...I dont know where you are located, but A Major auction company should be able to help...
    James D. Julia Fairfield ME. is one place, Christies or Sotheby's is another. This is one that Needs a Pro, Not just anybody can appraise it properly. As an apppraiser , This is My best advise. Be Careful and if you decide to sell it, do it through Auction with the Proper Credentials.
  5. Asphalt Cowboy - Thanks for your answer. I'll definitely post some photos, give me a few days. I do know about the barrels and the different size shells. I was going to look into sending it to Westley Richards to have them check it out, but I haven't found out the cost yet. But don't worry no one is going to shoot it until its all checked out! Thanks, Cindy

    Rich, I'm in PA. Do you know any good appraisers here. We're in the suburbs of Philly.
    thanks, Cindy

    Joe, I've been on the WR site and didn't see the section where you can inquire about a gun. I'll look again.
    Thanks, Cindy
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  6. Most likely Westley Richards could do the appraisal for you, don't quote me though I have been known to be not right. Shucks, most folks think I'm, just not right, anyway.:09: