Need input from Clinton era Military persons

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    I seem to remember hearing a caller to a conservative talk show who claimed to be in the military and had a memo (or questionaire) that wanted to know if you(the service member) would be willing to use force against american civilians if necessay?

    I can't remember how long ago it was or if it was before the Y2K thing or not. I did not ever hear of it again so figured it was a hoax. Can anyone spread some light on this?
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    It's True

    I heard about this, first from a Marine Corps gunnery seargent and later from an army seargent major. They both said the poll was asking if they would hesitate assault United States citizens on U.S. soil if such an order was given. The Marine said that he was worried about how to answer so he consulted the chaplain. The chaplain said he would stand with the seargent in support of his decision. The seargent said that he gave them the same answer that Robert E. Lee gave to Lincoln when he turned down command of all United States forces.

    Both men said they never heard anything more about the poll, but did read some scary stuff about certain plans that were in place. Each branch of the military its own plan of operation to actuate uppon receipt of orders.

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    Back in the early 90's they did poll the Navy Seals. Most said they would follow orders to disarm all american citizens. They also did a follow up poll of the Marines the follwing year, 90% of the Marines polled said they would refuse a lawful order to disarm American citizens. At the time I had daily contact with both groups. Now I never saw the paper work, and I guess they could have been pulling my leg, but it was big news in Norfolk, Va.
    Remember the Mil has been practicing the lightining assaults on citys for the last 5 years. Just ask the people of Kingsville Texas, about the black choppers that swooped in one night, and took over their city hall and police dept in a assault training.

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    I would love to get my hands on one of those memos. I have no doubt that the government has plans laid out for certain scenarious of national security. I don't know of this thing being done in other administrations; wonder if this was normal military planning or did it come from the top. I suppose that is where it came from knowing his disdain for the 2nd amendment.
    Just another brick in the road to disarm us!

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    A student at the Naval Post Graduate School sent out the survey. He did the survey as part of the requirement for graduation.