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need new gas tube for Yugo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JDW, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. JDW

    JDW G&G Newbie

    Anyone know who carries a new gas tube for the yugo?
    Mine is loose, trying a cobble job at tightening it with shims,but would prefer to just get a new one if I can find someone who sells them. Thanks
  2. JDW

    JDW G&G Newbie

    found the gas tube

    Found new ones that will fit on the Yugo - as
    It is black - fluted - keeps the heat level down and you don't need the wood on afterwards. Will try the wire/snap ring first to seal up the leak between tube and valve first if not, I know where to find them now.

  3. I looked all over the place for you JDW....I really did....glad you were able to find it though.......yepper
  4. Kevin

    Kevin G&G Newbie

    Haven't fired my yugo yet, but when I cleaned it I found the gas tube is pitted pretty good so if it doesn't cycle, I'll be looking for one too. I tried the tube off of my russian and it fit just fine even though it is slightly different. Anyone know if they will safely interchange?
  5. JDW

    JDW G&G Newbie

    gas tube problem

    I believe they will - the fellow at sksparts sells them and said they interchange - it looks different on the yugo because it is built up for the pressure for gernade launcher - but if you are not launching gernades you won't need it.
    Mine fit loose and lost pressure so it would not cycle properly - sometime rechambered used shell or only half ejected it.
    If you have the problem - get a piece of wire and wrap it around the grove in the nipple that sticks out from the gas shut off valve -make it like a little snap ring - has to be small enough dia. so that gas tube will fit back over it- that cured my problem with the gas leak - 60 rounds today all ejected just fine.
    Some where on this site I put a Gas Tube Solution - with a site that had a picture of what I was trying to describe - might look that up or email me - I'll find the site again.