Need opinion on AMMO purchase

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Anthony, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Anthony

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    I own a Bushy M4 clone and I just finally used up all 500 rds of Wolf ammo. Didn't have one problem with the Wolf stuff but at a gun show I came across a guy selling the South African 300rds in a battlepack for $35. Is that stuff woth buying or is there better for same or little more. I kinda want to stay clear of Wolf for the steel.
  2. AR-tim

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    Go to this website
    duck223 recomended it to me when I asked about SS109(see a few threads down). A friend of mine shoots the South African and likes it, only down side though is it kinda stinks.

  3. Rock

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    The South African stuff shoots great in my M-96 and it is relaodable...
  4. ananab

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    i bought the 300 rd. pack of south african stuff at a show and have almost gone thru it all... no problems whatsoever. i like it (especially cause it's cheap, but works well) but i'm not sure that it is reloadable, the primers are crimped if you lof carefully. i think that you can reload it, but you need something called a "suage" to smoth out the hole for the primer. but really, at $45 per 300, do you really need to reload?
  5. Paul I

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    Just bought a case of lake city from little pricer but they say it's great
  6. WyrTwister

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    Much / most military surplus ammo has crimped primer . This has nothing to do with being reloadable . It only means there is one extra step , the first time you reload it .

    If you do not reload , save the brass , many people will take it off your hands for you .

    God Bless

    PS Think I bought a thousand or two rounds od South African for Y2K . Still stacked up in the garage with other reloading & gun stuff . Will probably get around to shooting it sometime . :)