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  1. Huh? What?

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    The adult daughter of good friends of ours was standing in her kitchen holding her baby. She suddenly dropped with a seizure. They rushed her to the hospital and did an MRI, where they found she had a sizable brain tumor, part of which broke loose. She went through emergency surgery alright, but the biopsy says it is definitely malignant.

    Sarah needs good will and prayers right now.
  2. grizcty

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    I will be lifting Sarah up in my prayers. †
    Please keep us updated.
    Was Sarah's baby hurt, how is it doing?

  3. ChaZam

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    Wow, prayers for your friend and the family.
  4. neophyte

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    Huh? What?: Sir, We lift Sarah; asking God for strength, guidance, understanding, patience
    And his continued love
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    Prayers sent for Sarah, her family, and her friends. May the good Lord comfort them and guide them through this very difficult time.
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  6. Huh? What?

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    The baby was fine. Thanks for asking.
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    Omaha NE
    Prayers sent for Sarah and her family. I pray for God's healing and wisdom for the doctors and medical staff. My niece suffered a brain aneurysm about a year ago and God saw fit to guide the doctors hand and He performed a miracle in her life. She has completely recovered. I pray the same for Sarah.
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  8. jwrauch

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    Prayers for Sarah and her family.
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  9. Sending prayers and thoughts to Sarah, her family and medical team.
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    Prayers on the way.
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  12. Prayers going out to them !........
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    Prayers for Sarah and also for all of family. Huh? What sir please keep us posted
  15. SUBMOA

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    Prayer sent.
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    Prayers sent