Need rear iron sight for Savage Model 99

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    I am trying to help a friend refurbish a Savage 99 in .300 Savage that he got from his father and has not had much maintence.
    The rifle has a scope on hinges, so it is not very stable at all, so I have taken the scope off and am looking for a rear sight for this gun-- the front sight is still on the gun (ramp/blade sight). I am looking to find a rear iron sight.

    I posted this on the Savege Forum two days ago but no replies--

    Can anybody help here? Where to buy a rear sight for a savage 99?
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    Try either Numrich Gun Parts (Online) or Call Brownells Technical Dept...One of those places should be able to fix you up.


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    A few things you HAVE to do;
    For vintage sights;
    Go to and go the the Savage forum, read, ask and learn.
    Go to eBay and seach for "Lyman sight" and "Redfield sight"
    There is one of each on eBay right now and there is always one or two on there--they are NOT hard to find.
    Go to and do the same.
    There are two types of iron sights--reciever sights and tang sights
    As a rule the tang sights will be pricier (avg. $150 to $200.00) than the reciever sights. My Redfield 70 in really nice shape cost me $100 a few months ago
    As it is a 99, it's not a cheap gun--if it's in good shape put a vintage sight on it--but if the reciever has been drilled for a scope mount that will hurt it's value as a "collectible"--but a lot depends on what model and caliber it is.
    If you want a new sight, go with Williams first and Marbles second--I think they'll run you about $125 or so each.
    Also, at Campfire, you'll generally find that reciever sights are more appropriate for guns after WWII, tang sights for 99's prior to WWII

    Here's my 1954 EG with a Redfield 70 on it. This 70 has the "Hunter" style rounded knobs you turn with a coin. There is a also a "Target" style knurled knob

    There are a bunch of Lyman number tang sights, most are designated "SA" for Savage 99's--they differ mostly in aperture type

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    PS--when you go to the Savage forum at 24Hrcampsite, give them the serial number (use xx for the last two digits) and the lever boss code--which will be 3 letters in an oval on the bottom of the gun just in front of the lever, and the guys will tell you what year it was made. There will only be a lever boss code ("LBC") if the gun was made 1949 or later
    Give them a description of the forearm (schnable type, semi-beavertail, etc) and caliber and they will tell you what model it is too.
    You can also go to and enter the serial number and it will tell you what year it was made if it was made before 1949.
    Finally, your friend can even get a letter from the Savage Historian, John Callahan who will send you a notarized letter detailing more about the gun if he intends to keep it in the family. You can find his contact info on the Savage web site--google his name or let me know and I can dig it up for you.
    Your friend has probably the finest lever action ever made by the way, especially if it has a serial # below 1,000,000.
    Pretty much any one of them with a scope will shoot .7" at 100 yards if the shooter does his part with factory ammo--I know,I know, better than many new factory bolt guns, but that's the way it is! Both my 1953 EG in 300 Sav. I foolishly sold and my 1954 in these pictures can do that.
    With a peep I'd bet he can get 2" to 3" groups off bags if he is a decent shot and the bore is good.
    Both of mine absolutely LOVE Federal Premium 150 gr. soft point ammo for those .7" groups--Rem. and Winchester ammo, not quite as good in mine.
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