Need some info about Gunsmith school

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by zdkv04, May 8, 2008.

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    I'm a wanna be Gunsmith. Does anybody have any info on online schools?
    Are any of them any good or are they a waste of money?
  2. American Gunsmithing Institute for home schooling. But in truth, nothing beats hands on teaching/training. One of the best is in Colorado I think. I can't remember the name though.

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    PM Mooseman, if there is a good one he will know of it.
  4. Trinidad Junior College - Trinidad, Colorado

    This is an excellent program that will provide you with an associate's degree and open doors to major employers such as big city police departments.

    I am not too hot on mail order or internet gunsmithing as this is not a
    proven path to a career with a major employer providing health insurance, vacation, and retirement.
  5. Yea, that's the one in Colorado if you have the time and money to go. If not, the American Gunsmithing Institute is the better of the home courses. It's on DVDs and they are yours to keep. You can always refer to them if needed. Penn Foster also offers a home course.
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    If you take an online course, you need access to the firearms used in the lessons. Without those, the course won't do you much good. You need hands on study, as you do each lesson, or it's just so much reading, and really doesn't help. The Co. school is the best, from everything I've read about it, but is awful expensive. We have some schools here in Ok. that are rated pretty high, but you have to live there , same as Co., and that raises the cost. An online course, using the firearms needed, will give you the basics, but you have to apply yourself, do the lessons, and not just hunt answers. Good luck in your endeavor, and follow your dream. The country needs more gunsmiths!
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    Good luck on how you choose to learn the trade. It would be nice if you could find a local gunsmith willing to share knowledge and hands on help with an online course. May be the least expensive. Wish I could help you more on the subject..Hopefully some of the other fine folks here at G&G will jump in. Let us know how it works out...Best of luck..

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    Sounds like a good excuse to buy more guns. I wonder if my wife would fall for the " i'm doing it for US... :kiss: " line?
  9. I too am looking into persueing a career as a gunsmith. I heven't done any classes yet, but there are two schools that I've looked into that looked pretty good. One was Colorade Trade School in Colorado, then the other was Pennsylvania Gun School. You might Google them and have a look. I wouldn't do anything with Penn Foster. They just don't stop calling and sending junk mail. Seems to me all they want is money, and they do not care to answer any questions you have, they just want your payment information and for you to sign up. Hope this helps, good luck to you!
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    It helped me in my quest for more, and gave me an excuse to borrow a few from a local gunshop. I also "tested" 'em, afterwards. That's my idea of trying 'em out, to see if I like 'em!!