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    i need some advice on a revovler i want a .22 caliber revovler and one with interchangeable cylinders i want this for general plinking and to carry in the woods when i am home thanks for the help
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    You dont' exactly state your question but I am guessing you want suggestions on make and model ? The Ruger Single Six is a nice, I haveone in stainless steel , it is convertable, 1 cylinder is .22lr the other cylinder is .22mag. Fun for plinking and usefull for finishing off crippled upland birds and such when shotgunning.

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    yes thank you i should of stated my question better on what are my options and models out their thank you much
  4. Ruger single six with .22 mag and .22 Long Rifle.
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    Ruger has a good variety of .22's.

    Taurus as well.
  7. They are cheaper than Ruger but their qualite is less too. But their still a good gun.
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    agreed i went to the store to see both but after holding both i decided that the rough rider just didnt feel as sturdy or well build as the ruger single six.
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    I have to agree with the other gentlemen on this thread, the Ruger Single Six is an outstanding .22 cal revolver
  10. I had a Ruger single Six years ago which was stolen. To this day I wish I could find the punk and give him a lead enema with it. I used it on trap lines, small game hunting and just plain plinking. Even took a handfull of fox with it. Good solid revolver, and as reliable as a stone axe.
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    I'd vote for the ruger as well.
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    I have the Ruger Single Six. I was shooting it at 40 yards at a thick aluminum frying pan that I found at the dump. (I like the gong noise! :)) The .22 magnum solids ripped right through it. The LR's bounced off and left dimples.

    What's my point? The .22 magnum availability really raises your power level for dealing with pests, or even being pressed into service for self defense. Not a first choice, but a lot better than a LR.
  13. Give up on the interchangable cylinder idea. In a pistol, there's precious little you can do with a 22 mag that you can't do just as well with a 22 long rifle loaded with stingers or something similar. The extra cost just isn't worth it.
    (unless putting holes in frying pans is your goal)

    Get one of these:
    Taurus International Manufacturing Inc
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    Ruger single six is hard to beat.
  15. Before you spend the money on a single action six-shot revolver with dual cylinders, you may want to google actual chronograph velocities of .22 mag versus .22LR hyper-vel rounds out of 4-6" barrels and see if there's enough difference to warrant the extra cost versus getting a 9 shot double action revolver in .22LR. It's been ages since I've checked, but I believe the .22 mag has a long slow pressure curve with a late spike and simply isn't all that efficient out of short barrels. It does wondrous things from an 18" rifle, but it ain't that great out of a pistol. Better than a Stinger, etc. in .22LR? Yes, but by how much?
    Just a guess on old reading from 20+ years ago, I could be mistaken.
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    Heritage Arms puts out a RoughRider combo in brushed stainless steel with laminate grips...the little bear is gorgeous and will not cost you near as much as a Ruger.
    Shop around my friend, there's alot out there.

    If you want a combo...get a combo. Heritage and Ruger are the only ones I'm familiar with. Fun either way...go go go !
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    Check out your local pawn shops for used guns. I just bought a used Iver-Johnson Sidewinder 8 shot .22 double action for a hundred dollars. It was dirty and had some light surface rust, but with a little elbow grease it looks almost new and is really to shoot!

    Dave :09::09:
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    Another option...the EAA Bounty Hunter. This is a full-size, fixed-sight single action Colt clone (sorta) with an alloy frame and eight-round cylinder that fits standard western style holsters. I'd recommend a 6" or 7.5" barrel with the .22 Mag. BTW, it's half the price of a Ruger.