Need VooDoo Man (I Need Patches Read Please!)

Discussion in 'Muzzle Loading' started by Joshua M. Smith, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I'm barely keeping my groups in the 9 ring at 50 yards. Granted, I can't see worth crap, but I'm not liking the looks of a few patches that came from my rifle.

    Patch material is .008" pillow ticking (off one of my old pillows), compressible to .0075". Load is 70gn Pyrodex FFg.

    Lube moistened patch (just enough to feel it)...

    Lube saturated patch (can see it standing and wets things it touches...

    Same as the second pic...

    I was using old T-shirt material, but was told that it was too loosely woven. However, I was getting decent accuracy and it was holding together like the number two and three patches with just spit lubed.

    I think this stuff is just old and thin, and blowing apart. I know I find lots of lil' pieces in front of the rifle if they're not saturated.

    The balls are supposed to cast at .490", but they mic at .492".



  2. waterdog

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    use the T-shirt (cotton) my sidelock shoots round balls best with this as well.

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    Has the pillow ticking been washed? If it has it will soften up. You don't want that at all. I washed some once to see if it would be better. It wasn't good at all. It blowed holes in the patches and some even was smoking when I found them. They were lubed good with Crisco.
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    Any patch that the center is burning out on is "NOT" going to be as accurate as patches that don't burn because when they burn it isn't even and also causes gasses to leak by the ball.For better accuracy and power find something that doesn't burn.By the way JMS,glad to see you experimenting with that very thing.
  5. Using ticking from an old pillow might be the problem. I routinely use pillow ticking and I always wash it first. I don't think the sizing in the cloth is beneficial. Buy some pillow ticking from a local yard goods store. When I am target shooting, the only lube I use is spit. I shoot; then, use a spit patch to clean. Re-load and use spit on the pillow ticking. BTW, you can purchase teflon coated ticking, but I've never used it -- even in my bench guns.
    From looking at your patches, I'd say the material is too thin. T-shirt material is thin, too; but, if it was working, why not continue to use it? All cotton material is OK, but don't make the mistake of using a polyester!
    For hunting loads, I use Bore Butter on the same pillow ticking as I use for targets with spit. I have used thin splits of leather, too.
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    Now you did it!Talk about pillows and I need a nap! (by the way,the more bore butter you use,the more the barrel gunks up.)