Need wisdom from the 'ole salts.

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    OK Vets, help me out. Son of a retired Ranger. 25 year old cop in TX. Tried to go Army in '94 but was medically disqualified due to an eye surgery I had when I was a baby. Broke my heart.

    Several officers in my sub-station are in the Naval reserves. I'm thinking about going in so I can say that I served in one way or another. Full time active duty doesn't suit me anymore as I have a great job w/ good pay (as far as cop pay goes), and a wife and child.

    Navy says that my eye surgery is not a disqualifier and never stupid Army recruiter. Would love feed back..... Thanks!:cop: :
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    I would suggest trying the Army Guard/Reserve, but be aware you will have a requirement of several months active for training upfront. Additionally, you can expect to deploy. As for the recruiter, never been fond of the nescessary evil, but standards change. For instance laser eye surgery 5-10 years ago would not only keep you out, but could get you thrown out of some jobs ( still can but even fewer, mostly Aviation related) but now it is RECOMMENDED AND SUPPLIED if you qualify. Times change. Good Luck, and we need you.

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    If you want good training, great benefits, easy work, and short hours, go Air Force. Part time Navy might be OK, I really can't recommend it full time for any who has a family. Or single people, for that matter.
  4. I say go into whatever will accept you. And, if for some reason, you are not's the attempt(s), desire and what's in the heart that counts. That alone is something to be proud of.

    Some people think there are only a few ways to serve your country and fellow mankind. However, in addition to military service there are many...volunteering for public duties....contributing to a charity....helping a neighbor in need...learning CPR (think about it), buying a stranger a tank full of gas, contributing to a food bank, and the list goes on.

    Service and helping is not a periodic thing but something that needs to be done with more regularity.

    So, knowing that, also keeping in mind, as a cop, you ARE serving your country and community more than you might know right me when I say that.

    I am a vet and retired cop. I think I have room to talk.

    There are far too many young people today that think only of themselves. With that, I take my hat off to you! You have the right to be proud, my friend.
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    Dale, you make some very good very valid points!
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    Dale speaks with great wisdom. If you are interested in the military I can convey my own experiences. I spent 10 years AF active. Been AFANG for about 7. I get just as much out of the Guard as far as job satisfaction as I did AD. You will have to make some sacrifices up front with your time, boot camp, school and all. Look into Air Force Mil Police or LE. They always need good people. If your a bit gung ho there are also jobs like ASOC. Combat Comm. etc. AS far as a part time job goes I get paid well (this takes time) I have dental ins, a thrift savings (401k) good people to work with. Oodles of education bennies. I get to go to exotic palces, meet interesting people, and kill them. (just joking) Iv'e been to Germany going on the 3rd time; Panama; Puerto Rico; Oman; & a few places Conus. Above all with all the bennies, I consider myself a patriot, & I love doing it. Talk to a recruiter or two, I don't think that med condition will hold you back If it dosent work out, be proud of what you do to help, be proud to be an American!
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    After reading all the replies, I am not sure what I will do. It's still in the thought stages right now, anyhow. I'm greatfull for all the responses and wisdom. It really has raised an awareness in me as to how police officers are at the heart of the battle for the "American Way." Not long ago I met a Ranger and thanked him for what he does. I remember not knowing whether my pops was in country or not as I grew up. I guess whether or not you are in Jalabad or a metropolis stateside, the battle is fought for the same ideals.