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need ya'll opinions

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    this is the stock of my sar1 i'm painting how does it look ok or should i sand it off and start over

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  2. Hmmm, well I tend to go for either really nicely-finished, natural wood OR all black synthetic stocks. Camo stocks are not my style but I think this is going to be a personal call Tommy. If you like it, then keep it that way...after all...its YOUR gun.

    Personally...if the wood is just crummy looking no matter what you do with it, I would go for a durable flat black finish OR a whole new set of furniture but take my comments with a grain of salt and keep in mind the fact that my name IS Cranky-Kraut!

  3. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i was thinkin the same thing when i put the flat black base coat. i found it looked real nice like that just plain flat black. thanks for the opinion. it might just end up flat black
  4. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    I think that is an excellent paint job and if that is what you want, go for it! It is always nice to have a gun that is different than everybody else's. I personaaly think it looks cool. But if it were mine, I am a Flat black kinda guy. But, again, that's a great paint job! It all bowls down to what makes you happy. Good Shooting!
  5. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    I like the concept albeit a bit shiny.
  6. I think it's whatever flicks yer bic.

    I personally like the flat black idea.....but I DO like yours, too.

    I would try coating it with a flat spar varnish to see if you can get some shine off it....if, in fact, you want the shine off. Otherwise, leave as it's's unique.

    Nice job!
  7. looks pretty cool to me. I painted mine flat olive drap & looks good to me.
  8. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    ok hear is the finished gun

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  9. Mick

    Mick G&G Addict

    Heehee my mussus would kill me if I had my rifle anywhere near the bathroom.
  10. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Bet you could paint the mag, too.
  11. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    have the mag powder coated, silver vein. or gold
  12. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    Looking good,Tommy,looking good! I like natural wood,but as paint jobs go....looking good!:nod: :nod: :nod: :cool:
  13. I am with Klaus do the mag, but not on the receiver end. No sense in paint scraping off. The mag would balance out the rest of the rifle.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2002
  14. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Good job tommy, looks cool!
  15. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Looks great, Tommy. Hope it works out for you.
    As a side note, my wife would have some serious problems with me being in the bathroom with my SAR.....
  16. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i think it should be a part of everyones bathroom. you know the toiletries like hand soap/ toilet paper/ shampoo/ toothpaste. mouth wash and you'r choice of assault weapon. just some thing to help ease the tension while doin you'r thing. you never know when something is goin to
  17. Mick

    Mick G&G Addict

    WHOOOOWEE!!! Lookout, last nights chilli has come back for revenge!
  18. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    a definate urban mankiller, tough lookin'
  19. Mandy

    Mandy FREE CITIZEN Forum Contributor

    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

    Wooooow Extremely Rad. Mine has a Choate Dragunov Stock Set which is made from polimer and if I paint it, it'll peel off.
    I like your paint job a lot.
    I saw some website with stock sets made out of polimer and with different paint jobs (like 20 or 30), if I find it again I'll let you know.
    As for guns in the bathroom, I keep my moss 590 by the toilet, just kiddin, keep up the good work and post if you paint the mag.
    Maybe you can make some money customizing wood stocks.

    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: