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Needed Savage Sights Model 99G

Discussion in 'Savage' started by DaveMac, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. DaveMac

    DaveMac G&G Newbie

    I am New to this site,

    I am looking for a long bead front sight for an intregal base on my Savage Model 99 G, it is a Carbine model , circa 1926. Any help finding this sight is very appreciated.

  2. savageT

    savageT G&G Newbie


    I am assuming that you have a model E99 carbine made in 1929 as stated. However, I believe that you have a carbine (pre WWII) solid frame in 22 high power; 250/3000; 30/30;.303 Savage; or .300 Savage?? I think that if you contact the "24Hour Campfire Site (Savage Collectors)" and ask for Rick99...he will know what you need and possibly where to look for it. P.S. Try <> and check out the photos! Good Luck!

  3. DaveMac

    DaveMac G&G Newbie


    Thanks for responding, I have been to and to 24hour campfire. My Carbine is a 99G manufactured in 1926 and I have since found the sights for which I was looking. I ended up with a Marbles tang, a marbles front blade sight with 1/16" bead and a savage rear folding sight, all at Pete is a great guy with very reasonable prices and very fast shipment.

    Thanks again,