NEF they realy exist...any good?

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    Decided that it was time to add a "podle pooper" calaber rifle to my plinking arsenal. So I called..went to 6 gun stores...8 wal-marts and every online firearm dealer I have my C&R on file with....everyone is out of stock on the NEF 223 any modle. 243..308..270 no problem 223...was told they are so populer by one store that they cant keep them in stock. Even my local wally worlds called and said they were not in stock with who ever they get them from....
    So the question is as I wait on a few list....are these rifles any good? Why so rare/hard to find? Im looking for a 100 yard soda can killer. Any input would be appreicated. I have the NEF 45/70 and shooting more than 40 rounds of factory ammo cost $$ and the recoil starts to get annoying... The 45/70 does great at 100 yrds and under with a 3x9 scope and the soda cans explode so thats why the NEF is the first choice.:rolleyes: :confused: :confused: :confused: