NEF 223 Does it realy exist? Any Good?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Decided that it was time to add a "podle pooper" calaber rifle to my plinking arsenal. So I called..went to 6 gun stores...8 wal-marts and every online firearm dealer I have my C&R on file with....everyone is out of stock on the NEF 223 any modle. 243..308..270 no problem 223...was told they are so populer by one store that they cant keep them in stock. Even my local wally worlds called and said they were not in stock with who ever they get them from....
    So the question is as I wait on a few list....are these rifles any good? Why so rare/hard to find? Im looking for a 100 yard soda can killer. Any input would be appreicated. I have the NEF 45/70 and shooting more than 40 rounds of factory ammo cost $$ and the recoil starts to get annoying... The 45/70 does great at 100 yrds and under with a 3x9 scope and the soda cans explode so thats why the NEF is the first choice.
  2. 6string

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    How about a .22 Hornet? Then get the .223 barrel.

  3. Doglips

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    The 223 is more of a cheep plinker than anything else...I mean like the 22 hornet a 25-06 is more power but Im just looking for a 100 yard plinker....preferably cheep to shoot and light recoil to ballance out the big dog guns. Prefer to just have the entire gun and not mix and match barrels...seems too much work for only a $100 in saveings.
  4. Libertyman777

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    Have you considered the NEF Survivor series. I had one in .308 and it was a shooter, sub MOA. It is also offered in .223. They both come with a bull barrel and a sort of open pistol grip-like stock. I wish I still had mine.
  5. Doglips

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    I like to use Sothern Ohio Guns and they were out of stock in all the modles as was everyone else...The survivor is going for arounfd $169 from SOG ($209 at wal-mart)...just out of stock... One gun store said they are very popular and they cant keep them in stock....not sure about the production ammounts from the factory..sent them e-mail about avialbility. I have the Mosins..Mauser and the like so Im 30 calabered out....also hopeing to teach my 12 yr old some 100-200 yard shooting....Im on a few list so as long as I dont spend the $$ on a diffrent toy it will problably be my next addition.
  6. ReRide

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    NEF seems to have a production run and we are on the wrong side of it right now
    i work in a wally world spt gds dept and we fhave had a special order .223 hvy bbl on order for 3 mos or more and no show!!!!
    then if ya want a .17 HMR sportster it is even worst
  7. 6string

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    My local sporting goods store has a .223 bull barrel with a gray lam, stock for $229.
  8. Mick

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    Hey doglips, you want a 223 for a 100yard plinker! far out thats amazing, and a 45/70 on soda cans, don't you have any critters where you are.

    (no offence mind, it just takes some grtting the head around)
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