Nev. to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana

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    Getting weirder each day....going to have an impact on the Cigar post.....I love the idea of setting of "Under the proposal, marijuana would be sold in state-licensed shops and taxed like cigarettes".

    Nev. to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana
    Associated Press Writer

    CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP)--Voters in Nevada, which up until last year had the nation's strictest marijuana law, will decide in November whether to let adults legally possess small amounts of pot.

    State officials said Tuesday that a petition drive to put the measure on the ballot had narrowly succeeded with about 75,000 valid signatures.

    Under the proposal, marijuana would be sold in state-licensed shops and taxed like cigarettes and other tobacco products. A distribution system would also be set up to provide low-cost pot for medical uses.

    To become law, the change needs voter approval this year and in 2004. But whether it could ever actually take effect is unclear. Federal law bans marijuana possession, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that states cannot make exceptions for medical use.

    The new proposal would let adults have up to three ounces of marijuana. Driving under the influence would still be illegal, as would using marijuana in public places.

    ``The success of our petition drive provides solid evidence that most Nevadans think it's a waste of their tax dollars to arrest people for small amounts of marijuana,'' said Billy Rogers of Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement.

    Law enforcement groups in Nevada are expected to oppose the ballot measure.

    ``Three ounces is quite a bit,'' said Lt. Stan Olsen, lobbyist for the Las Vegas police. ``If we legalize it, what is next? A lot of people don't use drugs now because they are illegal and they stand to lose in their personal or professional lives if they use.''

    Until last year, puffing on a single marijuana cigarette in Nevada was a felony punishable by a year or more behind bars. But the stiff penalties were rarely imposed. Lawmakers have since made possession of less than an ounce a misdemeanor.

    In 2000, Nevada voters approved the use of medical marijuana.

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    Doglips if they ever beam you up,stop by my place and pick me up.

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    Well sadly enough, it may not pass there, but it will start somewhere, and it will be a dark road ahead...
  4. Well here where I live "head shops" are still legal. They sell all of the paraphernalia needed to smoke weed. So it wouldn't surprise me if they started selling pot to put these items to use.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The politicians can say pot in every pot instead of a chicken in every pot!
  6. Stopper

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    Come on people - it's about freedoms also. Anything the gummit takes away is a lack of freedom. If we don't have the choice, we don't have that freedom.

    Remember that in order to preserve your rights and freedoms you may have to stand up for someone elses even though you don't like "their" right/freedom or else all yours will be taken also.

    Personnally I don't beleive it would be that bad of an idea. They WASTE alot of tax dollars on their "drug war" and they are not getting anywhere - NOWHERE!

    Besides they violate alot of peoples rights going after drugs like crazed dogs! I would like to see that stop.

    Maybe use that extra tax money on education - ya right, like they are gonna do that!
  7. One of the problems I foresee is that the tax is likely to be so high that only people with the money to buy it can and will.

    The average street thug with little money is still gonna steal, rob, etc. to get the funds he/she will need to buy it.

    So, I see legalization stopping very little crime.

    Heck, here in Arizona street thugs are breaking into cars and trucks to steal cigarettes because of the rising cost of them. Imagine what they might do to get high dollar Mary G. Wanna?
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    If it passes Im buy stock in the cookie companies..munchies help sales. Got to admit the sate surprised me...I figured it was a No calf would have had gov subsadies for the weed... Personaly I think legalizeing the stuff would raise tax $$ and reduce some of the $$ spend fighting the drug war....besides since we are going down hill fast might as well relax and enjoy the ride.
  9. Calvin

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    Chris is right on this one. This is gonna start somewhere, and it's going to get out of hand. Then again, you can thank the government for this, as they have bought up a ton of tobacco crops, putting tobacco growers out of buisness. Gotta get the tax money somewhere, I guess.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    "Standing applause for Stopper."

    I don't think the taxes will be too high that noone could afford it. That would be defeating the purpose of legalizing it to gain tax revenue. People will pay it.
  11. Logansdad

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    Legalize it....Legalize all drugs.
    I'm sick of all the tax money spent in vain to stop drugs when you can still find drugs in any city or town...what a waste of tax money...Anybody who overdoses afterwards knew the risks beforehand. I have no sympathy for them.
    I hate that the war on drugs has cost us so much in terms of freedoms. The fourth amendment was called a technicality by so many ignorant people.
  12. I say legalize it and tax it. It would free up a lot of jail cells and create revenue for the state. Its a myth that smoking pot leads to harder drugs like cocaine. I have seen first hand what the harder drugs can do to a person but never seen a big problem with the occasional pot smoker.
  13. Logansdad

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    The "Drug War" is why we're well on our way to becoming a police state
  14. Tobacco and weed what a money maker. There are a lot more cigarette smokers than pot smokers. Hey if the gummit thinks there is a profit to be had--so be it. Taxes are a good thing.
    after all it repairs a lot of pot holes.
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  15. NRAJOE

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    Party on on Garth...
  16. wes

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    Logansdad,I'm with you.
  17. BattleRifleG3

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    Few people realize that laws against Marijuana came after a lobby from the cotton industry who feared compatition from hemp.
  18. Logansdad

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    A very large part of the reason that the "Bans" passed & became law is the argument that Drug Dealers supposedly were outgunning the Police...remember ?
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    lets get high dude ,wheres my car?my house is a pig sty but yo dude good weed. il name my kids barrel acid and peyote, but im close to mother earth, good weed, maybe i should name one of them that, dude wheres my pizza, haha, I have no initiative but good weed, my old lady is somewhere, probably smoking with our neighbors, in thier pig sty house, lets all smoke weed dude, what a better world, my kids have no clothes, I dont care about any thing, but getting high, (I have strong feelings on this, dope should never be legalized, any where)
  20. Logansdad

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    If somebody is that stupid 7MMMAG...they deserve to live like that...They had a choice to live the way they wanted to..every choice has consequences...I have strong feelings about this too...The drug war is a waste of tax dollars and a trojan horse that will cost us more of our freedoms in the future...The search & seizure laws suck..the Bans suck...the Drug War Sucks Bigtime...
    I don't do drugs but I know people who do...I'm related to them...