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Howdy all!

I took my paperwork, $, etc. to the Clark County (Las Vegas) Fingerprint Bureau/CCW Detail back in early June to get my renewal started. I've had my CCW for over 10 years--5 in Texas, 5 in Nevada.

Anyway, after 2+ hours of waiting, I get a new picture and digital fingerprints taken. They check all of my paperwork and wish me well.

My CCW expired on my birthday, 8/31, and I still hadn't received my renewal. I mean how long can it take? I know by law that they're allowed up to 120 days to process, but it's been nearly 90 already.

I called the CCW Detail at the Clark County Sheriff's office and was told..."Oh, you've got to allow 5-5 1/2 months for us to process"!!!!!!! Unbelievable. The County Sheriff is in violation of Nevada state code and it apparently doesn't bother them at all!!

I'm now unprotected because the Sheriff cannot staff adequately. Has anyone else from Nevada had better luck getting their CCW?


Otto N. Sure

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Sounds like you should've gone to Reno :)\
Nevada: Nevada ccw permit question

CCW Law Information
Posted 2001-11-16 @ 12:57:32 by Fox 2/23
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I will soon be applying for a Nevada permit. I was wondering on average how long it takes to get the permit after everything has been submitted. I am a non-resident if that matters. thanks
Waiting Period for Receipt of Non-Resident Permit
Added by missslim on 2001-11-16 @ 16:36:44
The Nevada Application states 120 days from date of application.
Some info for non-resident of NV
Added by ojsimpson on 2001-11-16 @ 18:57:03
They take quite a long time. You may be interested to know that Nevada Pistol Acadamy in Las Vegas is offering a *free* CCW course. I paid $60 when I got mine -- see the gun range database for details and a link. Also, make sure you bring the guns you want on the permit with you to Nevada. If you change your mind later you will need to make an additional trip. Keep in mind that Nevada is very inefficient and does everything with 1920s technology -- no digitized photos or anything like that. Also, they just started issuing to non-residents, so I suspect it will be even worse for you.
An update and correction
Added by akoran on 2001-11-16 @ 19:37:06
Nevada does use modern technology, it just depends on the county your file for your permit. In Washoe county (Reno), both picture and finger prints where collected via digital means. My permit took OVER 120 days to get...
While the NRS states 120 days
Added by jimmayhugh on 2001-11-16 @ 19:54:16
your only recourse if the issuing sheriff exceeds that time frame is to take them to court. By the time you get the case heard, your permit will probably be issued, and the end result is that you've spent more money, pissed off the Sheriff, and still didn't get the permit within 120 days.

The FBI background check is what takes the longest, and there's nothing the Sheriff can do about it.

Even though the Sheriff can't be held legally liable if he issues a permit before the FBI check comes back, remember that he's still an elected official, and to him it looks better to delay the permit issuance until the FBI says it's OK.
Don't hold your breath
Added by greg3564 on 2001-11-17 @ 14:30:10
It took 118 days before my permit arrived in the mail from Las Vegas Metro P.D. Everyone else I know that has a permit waited about the same time.
Standard waiting period
Added by jparnham on 2001-11-18 @ 12:31:51
The county will wait the 120 days. When I got mine, I inquired on the 121st day. The FBI check had not come back yet and they were not going to issue it until it did. I then made a couple of phone calls and reminded them that State Law is 120 days. If the sheriff does not receive the FBI background check in the 120 days, they MUST issue. After I quoted the law, I received a phone call back within 15 minutes and was told it would be laminated and waiting for me at the front desk. Some of the workers in the office may not know what the state law says. I contacted the sheriff's secretary and dealt with her. She was very helpful in supporting the state staute and even contacted other state agencies in an attempt to see if they received anything from the FBI. After that it was issued.
Why do you have to bring the guns?
Added by ejb on 2001-11-18 @ 12:50:39
Ojsimsom wrote to bring the guns you want on the permit with you. Why? Is this common in most states with CCW?
Brining guns to Nevada
Added by ojsimpson on 2001-11-18 @ 14:31:20
I am speaking of Las Vegas, since we only have two cites and most people visiting will fly to Las Vegas (Clark County). For starters if you are in Clark County for more than 24 hours, you must register your handgun with the police and get a "blue card." Furthermore, in Nevada you must actually list the gun and it's serial number on the permit application. You can only carry a registered gun that is actually listed on the permit, AND it costs $25 each time you make a change. Remember, this is town where you need a "work card" and be fingerprinted to get a job as a hotel maid or bartender! My suggestion: go to Reno to get your CCW.

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Bleh. I'm doing this in Vegas, now. On the plus side, my boss sent me to nevada job connection, and they're giving me vouchers for EVERYTHING but the badge. Have to say it is pretty sweeet, I was looking at close to 500 bucks for everything including the course. The thing that pissed me off is that I have to order a freaking birth certificate because the DMV requires it for a Nevada photo ID. The nazis, heh. Don't they know I had to provide it to get my FL license? I guess that will teach me to lose my B.C. heh.
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