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Nevada CCW renewal--big headache!!

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by Otto N. Sure, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Otto N. Sure

    Otto N. Sure G&G Newbie

    Aug 10, 2005
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    Howdy all!

    I took my paperwork, $, etc. to the Clark County (Las Vegas) Fingerprint Bureau/CCW Detail back in early June to get my renewal started. I've had my CCW for over 10 years--5 in Texas, 5 in Nevada.

    Anyway, after 2+ hours of waiting, I get a new picture and digital fingerprints taken. They check all of my paperwork and wish me well.

    My CCW expired on my birthday, 8/31, and I still hadn't received my renewal. I mean how long can it take? I know by law that they're allowed up to 120 days to process, but it's been nearly 90 already.

    I called the CCW Detail at the Clark County Sheriff's office and was told..."Oh, you've got to allow 5-5 1/2 months for us to process"!!!!!!! Unbelievable. The County Sheriff is in violation of Nevada state code and it apparently doesn't bother them at all!!

    I'm now unprotected because the Sheriff cannot staff adequately. Has anyone else from Nevada had better luck getting their CCW?


    Otto N. Sure
  2. NorCalAshnjikov

    NorCalAshnjikov G&G Newbie

    Oct 16, 2004
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    Sounds like you should've gone to Reno :)\
  3. Nevadagunleathe

    Nevadagunleathe G&G Newbie

    Sep 16, 2005
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    Bleh. I'm doing this in Vegas, now. On the plus side, my boss sent me to nevada job connection, and they're giving me vouchers for EVERYTHING but the badge. Have to say it is pretty sweeet, I was looking at close to 500 bucks for everything including the course. The thing that pissed me off is that I have to order a freaking birth certificate because the DMV requires it for a Nevada photo ID. The nazis, heh. Don't they know I had to provide it to get my FL license? I guess that will teach me to lose my B.C. heh.
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