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Finally got a 1917 at a gun show Saturday.

Bbl has almost no wear, no pitting and is in good shape. It's an Eddystone, the bolt and receiver channels don't show much wear. There is an "EN" stamped on the striker sear (I think that's what it is, it's partially obscured by the bolt body when uncocked) and I haven't disassembled the bolt yet.

The stock is pretty decent and has a "2I" stamped right behind the trigger guard. The S/N is 115xxxx.

Any ideas about when it might have been put together beyond a 9-18 date on the bbl?

Hoping to get to the range on Labor Day -- everybody else, too, probably.

Had 6 guys ask how much I wanted for it before I got out of the building. Have a certain sentimental attachment, though, a great uncle of mine was a lt. col under Pershing in the AEF. Got a Colt 1917 .45ACP at the same time. Good shape, but not the original grips.
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