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    For some reason I been shooting .22's a lot lately. Funny thing is last deer season the best one I had was a pistol so I went squirrel hunting with it one 9.
    Since then I have gotten a Ruger 10-22, a Remington, a C-Z and now a Kimber.
    I have done so much to the Ruger...a new walnut stock from Kimber...had the bolt trigger springs, so I don't have to squeeze the trigger with vise-grips anymore... a new sure is a pretty rifle now.
    The Remington I got for my son who lives with his mom in the same town I do so it stays here till I go with him hunting or shooting.
    The C-Z I really haven't shot much but I think I'm going to like it a lot. For the price I think it will be a company to keep an eye on and maybe try some other rifles.
    As for the Kimber...what excuse do I use when I miss? This is the sweetest shooting little rifle I have ever picked up. Me and my wife like to shoot at thumb tacks at 35 yards and with this rifle I can't blame it on the gun when I miss. Just an unbelievably sweet gun.
    Has anyone else tried the C-Z rifles in other calibers? I was thinking about something a little larger...223 perhaps?
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    Let's keep this one open and about .22's. Due to marital constraints, I can't show you my 10/22. But I can assure you that there is OVER six times the cost of the gun in it. I love that gun. I use it for all kinds of things(like shooting that Hornet' nest down, etc.) Post a pic of yours I'll post a pic of mine ASAP...As Soon As Pheasible.
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    If someone said I could have only 2 guns, I'd have to consider the .22 as one. They are fun and inexpensive to keep fed.
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    The absolute best for all around utility...

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I have 3 .22's, a S&W 22A with a red dot scope, a Ruger 10/22 stainless with a 4x scope and a Taurus Tracker in satin stainless 6 inch barrel open sights. These guns are quite enjoyable to shoot and like Jerry said inexspensive to plink with. Also have a Ruger mini 14 in .223. It IS a .22 if you want to get technical about it.
  6. I'd like to see a revolver manufacturer come out with a pistol in .223.

    I think it'd be a heck of a gun.

    And, perhaps, a semi auto in a shorter version of the cartridge, also.
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    A .21 Genghis may do at 5.45 x 39mm a bit shorter than the 223, but takes no back seat to it I hear.

    "due to marital constraints" I like that Eric. Can I have permission to use that sometime :)

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    A .21 Genghis? :confused:
  9. jerry

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    Alexander Arm's designation for the 5.45 x 39mm AK-74 round recently tested in an AR type weapon.
    .21 Genghis.

    foregot to mention; the .50 Beowulf tested as well think of a shorter, fatter, rimless .45-70 +P. I believe only for Gov, Mil, & Police at this time on the .50 also in an AR type weapon.

    To quote from the Blue Press. "Why do you need a rifle like this? I dunno. Why do you need anything that makes you happy?"
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