New 527 17 Hornet for 2013

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  1. Its now Aug 31 and the Cabelas Sidney NE store has not found a CZ Varmint 17 Hornet rifle for me. The 17 Hornet ammo I purchased last December at the Cabelas Sidney store is still waiting for a rifle.
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    You may have to find a gunshop that will search around for you one. CZ rifles have always been scarce around here too and it can be hard to find such a shop but we do have a couple. The 527s have been hard to find in any caliber lately.

  3. I turned 78 years old last Mo, I purchased my first rifle in the fall of 1952. Over the years I have ordered a few firearms but I have never waited this long to have an ordered filled. I was going to first use the 17 Hornet rifle on prairie dogs but now with a little luck I ll have the CZ for shooting black tail jack rabbits this winter.
  4. It has ben nearly a year since I purchased 17 Hornet ammo ,and scope and since then got brass and reloading dies. The people at my nearest Cabelas store has not found a CZ Varmint 17 Hornet rifle. I saved up some gift cards my kids gave me and have not used any Cabela bucks for some time. So I have the $$$ but no CZ rifle..
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    That's hard to believe that it has taken this long for Cabelas to find a rifle. I am wondering if they have just blown you off. If I were you I would be bugging them two or three times a week until they either tell you to pound sand or order your rifle. Maybe even contact Cabela's corporate office and ask what the hold up is.

    I would like to see one in left hand. I would even be happy with a left handed CZ 527 in 17 Remington.
  6. On Dec 30 ,2013 I finely got a CZ Varmint 17 Hornet rifle.. Need to get different scope ring that I had.. So it may be some time before I shoot it..
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    GunsAmerica has several listings for the Savage Model 25 in .17 Hornet and .22 Hornet. Nothing for the CZ 527 though.
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    From Cabela's?

    They seem to like to advertise items on-line as 'in-stock' when it not...tell the customer the item is on back-order and then ask if you want to cancel the back-order.

    I think my days of buying from Cabela's will short lived.

    Looking for a range report!
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    It's good to hear that you received your rifle finally. Did your rifle not come with factory rings? When I bought my CZ it came with a set from the factory.

    I too am looking forward to a range report.
  10. The CZ Varmint 527 rifles do not come with scope rings but the other model does.
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    That must have changed. When I bought my .204 Ruger in 2004 it came with them from the factory.

    At any rate I am sure interested in hearing how it shoots and performs for you.
  12. April 5, 2013, It has ben cold and windy on the days that I could shoot my new CZ 527 Varmint 17 Hornet off a bench rest until today. The rifle is well made, nice blued steel with straight grain walnut stock. The stock checkering is sharp. Overall the rifle with a Leupold 4-12 AO scope, and military sling looks good to me. The set trigger is set at 1 1/2 Lbs and the regular trigger pull is 4 Lbs but I will be setting the pull down to 3 pounds. I only fired the rifle 3 times with the set trigger, it may take me some time to get use to a 1 1/2 Lb pull. I fired 4 rounds to get a bullet to hit the center of the target at 50 yards and then moved the target to 100 yards. My Hornady ammo supply is some what limited so I used 3 shot groups to get the last group to be 3/4 inch high at 100 yards . I now have 4 boxes left , 100 rounds left for prairie dog shooting. The 5 boxes of Hornady 20 Gr ammo and a box of brass I ordered last March 2013 is still on back ordered but I ll reload the 125 cartridges I have after all have ben fired. Most of the time my reloaded ammo is more accurate than factory ammo. I may not be able to for the 17 Hornet . I came back from the range with a big smile after shooting sub 1/2 inch 3 shot groups to site the rifle in. I ll be shooting p dogs a year later than I expected when I first purchased five boxes ammo in Dec 2012. I m an old timer and its unlikely that I will be getting another varmint rifle, so my last rifle may be my best one for spring p dog shooting when there a lot of shooting within 250 yards.
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    I guess my post had been deleted due to the crash.

    I am happy to hear that the long journey to getting the new rifle was rewarded with such great results. I would have hated to hear a horror story knowing that you have waited so long for this rifle. But then again CZ turns out some of the nicest shooting rifles I have had the pleasure to shoot.